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  • برگهای نو رسیده‌ی سبزفام ** شد نشان آنک آن میوه‌ست خام
  • The newly-arrived green-coloured leaves signify that this fruit is unripe.
  • برگ بی‌برگی نشان عارفیست ** زردی زر سرخ رویی صارفیست 2055
  • The provision of leaflessness (spiritual poverty) is the sign of being a gnostic; the yellowness of gold is the (cause of the) money-changer's ruddiness of face (cheerful countenance).
  • آنک او گل عارضست ار نو خطست ** او به مکتب گاه مخبر نوخطست
  • If he that (still) is rosy-cheeked has fresh down (on his face), (yet) he has just begun to learn writing in the school of knowledge.
  • حرفهای خط او کژمژ بود ** مزمن عقلست اگر تن می‌دود
  • The letters of his handwriting are very crooked (misshapen): he is a cripple in respect of intelligence, though his body moves with agility.
  • پای پیر از سرعت ار چه باز ماند ** یافت عقل او دو پر بر اوج راند
  • Although an old man's feet are deprived of rapid movement, his intelligence has gotten two wings and has sped to the zenith.
  • گر مثل خواهی به جعفر در نگر ** داد حق بر جای دست و پاش پر
  • If you wish for an example (of this), look at Ja‘far: God gave him wings instead of hands and feet.
  • بگذر از زر کین سخت شد محتجب ** هم‌چو سیماب این دلم شد مضطرب 2060
  • Cease from (speaking of) gold (pallor), for this topic is recondite: this heart of mine has become agitated like quicksilver.
  • ز اندرونم صدخموش خوش‌نفس ** دست بر لب می‌زند یعنی که بس
  • From within me a hundred sweet-breathing silent ones put their hands on their lips, signifying, “It is enough.”
  • خامشی بحرست و گفتن هم‌چو جو ** بحر می‌جوید ترا جو را مجو
  • Silence is the sea, and speech is like the river. The sea is seeking thee: do not seek the river.
  • از اشارتهای دریا سر متاب ** ختم کن والله اعلم بالصواب
  • Do not turn thy head away from the indications given by the sea: conclude (the subject)—and God best knoweth the right course.