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  • لاجرم بسیارگو شد از نشاط ** مست ادب بگذاشت آمد در خباط 2155
  • Of course, in consequence of (drunken) glee he became loquacious: the intoxicated man neglected (to observe) respect and began to rave.
  • نه همه جا بی‌خودی شر می‌کند ** بی‌ادب را می چنان‌تر می‌کند
  • Not on every occasion does selflessness (intoxication) work mischief, (but) wine makes the unmannerly person more so.
  • گر بود عاقل نکو فر می‌شود ** ور بود بدخوی بتر می‌شود
  • If he (the wine-drinker) be intelligent, he becomes decorous (displays goodly qualities when beside himself); and if he be evil-natured, he becomes worse.
  • لیک اغلب چون بدند و ناپسند ** بر همه می را محرم کرده‌اند
  • But since the majority are evil and reprobate, wine has been forbidden to all.
  • بیان رسول علیه السلام سبب تفضیل و اختیار کردن او آن هذیلی را به امیری و سرلشکری بر پیران و کاردیدگان
  • How the Prophet, on whom be peace, explained the cause of his preferring and choosing the (young) man of Hudhayl as commander and chief of the army over the heads of the elders and veterans.
  • حکم اغلب راست چون غالب بدند ** تیغ را از دست ره‌زن بستدند
  • Cases are decided by the general rule (not by the exceptions):since the majority are evil, the sword was taken away from the hand of the highwayman.
  • گفت پیغامبر کای ظاهرنگر ** تو مبین او را جوان و بی‌هنر 2160
  • The Prophet said, “O thou who lookest on externals, do not regard him as a youth and unskilled.
  • ای بسا ریش سیاه و مردت پیر ** ای بسا ریش سپید و دل چو قیر
  • Oh, there is many a black beard and the man (its owner) old (in wisdom); oh, there is many a white beard with a heart (black) as pitch.
  • عقل او را آزمودم بارها ** کرد پیری آن جوان در کارها
  • Often have I tested his understanding: that youth has shown (the ripe experience of) age in (handling) affairs.
  • پیر پیر عقل باشد ای پسر ** نه سپیدی موی اندر ریش و سر
  • O son, the (really) old is the old in understanding: ‘tis not whiteness of the hair in the beard and on the head.
  • از بلیس او پیرتر خود کی بود ** چونک عقلش نیست او لاشی بود
  • How should he (any old man) be older than Iblís? When he lacks understanding, he is good-for-naught.