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  • بس منافق کاندرین ظاهر گریخت ** خون صد ممن به پنهانی بریخت
  • There is many a hypocrite who has taken refuge in this out ward form and has shed the blood of a hundred true believers in secret.
  • جهد کن تا پیر عقل و دین شوی ** تا چو عقل کل تو باطن‌بین شوی
  • Endeavour to become old in intelligence and religion, that you may become, like the Universal Intelligence, a seer of the in ward (reality).
  • از عدم چون عقل زیبا رو گشاد ** خلعتش داد و هزارش نام داد
  • When the beauteous Intelligence unveiled its face (revealed itself) from non-existence, He (God) gave it a robe of honour and a thousand names.
  • کمترین زان نامهای خوش‌نفس ** این که نبود هیچ او محتاج کس 2180
  • Of those sweet-breathing names the least is this, that it (the Intelligence) is not in need of any one.
  • گر به صورت وا نماید عقل رو ** تیره باشد روز پیش نور او
  • If the Intelligence display its face in visible form, day will be dark beside its light;
  • ور مثال احمقی پیدا شود ** ظلمت شب پیش او روشن بود
  • And if the shape of foolishness become visible, beside it the darkness of night will be radiant,
  • کو ز شب مظلم‌تر و تاری‌ترست ** لیک خفاش شقی ظلمت‌خرست
  • For it is darker and more murky than night; but the miserable bat is a buyer (seeker) of darkness.
  • اندک اندک خوی کن با نور روز ** ورنه خفاشی بمانی بیفروز
  • Little by little accustom yourself to the daylight, else you will remain a bat deprived of splendour.
  • عاشق هر جا شکال و مشکلیست ** دشمن هر جا چراغ مقبلیست 2185
  • He (the bat-like person) is the lover of every place where there is difficulty and perplexing doubt, and the enemy of every place where there is the lamp of (spiritual) felicity
  • ظلمت اشکال زان جوید دلش ** تا که افزون‌تر نماید حاصلش
  • His heart seeks the darkness of perplexity in order that his acquirements may seem greater (than they are),