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  • آفتاب اعواض را کامل نمود ** لاجرم بازارها در روز بود
  • The sun displayed (all) objects of exchange perfectly: of necessity, markets were (held) in the daytime,
  • تا که قلب و نقد نیک آید پدید ** تا بود از غبن و از حیله بعید
  • In order that the false coin and the good money might come into view, and that he (the merchant) might be far (immune) from swindling and trickery.
  • تا که نورش کامل آمد در زمین ** تاجران را رحمة للعالمین
  • (The sun rose) until its light came to perfection on the earth, a universal mercy to the traders;
  • لیک بر قلاب مبغوضست و سخت ** زانک ازو شد کاسد او را نقد و رخت 25
  • But to the false coiner it is hateful and grievous, because by it his money and wares are made unsaleable.
  • پس عدو جان صرافست قلب ** دشمن درویش کی بود غیر کلب
  • Hence the false coin is the mortal foe of the money-changer: who is the enemy of the dervish but the dog?
  • انبیا با دشمنان بر می‌تنند ** پس ملایک رب سلم می‌زنند
  • The prophets contend with their enemies; then the angels utter cries of “Save (them), O Lord,”
  • کین چراغی را که هست او نور کار ** از پف و دمهای دزدان دور دار
  • Saying, “Keep this Lamp, which is light-disseminating, far from the puffs and breaths of thieves.”
  • دزد و قلابست خصم نور بس ** زین دو ای فریادرس فریاد رس
  • Only the thief and the coiner are adversaries of the light: succour (us) from these twain, O Succourer!
  • روشنی بر دفتر چارم بریز ** کفتاب از چرخ چارم کرد خیز 30
  • Shed light upon the Fourth Book, for the sun rose from the Fourth Heaven.
  • هین ز چارم نور ده خورشیدوار ** تا بتابد بر بلاد و بر دیار
  • Come, give light, like the sun, from the Fourth (Book), so that it may shine upon (all) countries and inhabited lands.