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  • چاک حمق و جهل نپذیرد رفو ** تخم حکمت کم دهش ای پندگو 2265
  • The rent of folly and ignorance does not admit of being patched up: do not give the seed of wisdom to him (the fool), O counsellor.
  • چاره اندیشیدن آن ماهی نیم‌عاقل و خود را مرده کردن
  • How the half-intelligent fish devised a means (of escape) and feigned to be dead.
  • گفت ماهی دگر وقت بلا ** چونک ماند از سایه‌ی عاقل جدا
  • The second fish said in the hour of tribulation, when he was left sundered from the shadow (protection) of the intelligent one,
  • کو سوی دریا شد و از غم عتیق ** فوت شد از من چنان نیکو رفیق
  • “He hath gone towards the sea and is freed from sorrow: such a good comrade hath been lost to me!
  • لیک زان نندیشم و بر خود زنم ** خویشتن را این زمان مرده کنم
  • But I will not think of that and will attend to myself: at this (present) time I will feign to be dead.
  • پس برآرم اشکم خود بر زبر ** پشت زیر و می‌روم بر آب بر
  • Then I will turn my belly upwards and my back downwards and will move on the water.
  • می‌روم بر وی چنانک خس رود ** نی بسباحی چنانک کس رود 2270
  • I will move upon it as weeds move, not by swimming as a person (swimmer) does.
  • مرده گردم خویش بسپارم به آب ** مرگ پیش از مرگ امنست از عذاب
  • I will become dead, I will commit myself to the water: to die before death is to be safe from torment.”
  • مرگ پیش از مرگ امنست ای فتی ** این چنین فرمود ما را مصطفی
  • To die before death is to be safe, O youth: even so hath Mustafa (Mohammad) commanded us.
  • گفت موتواکلکم من قبل ان ** یاتی الموت تموتوا بالفتن
  • He said, “Die, all of you, ere death come, else ye will die with (the certainty of suffering) sore afflictions (hereafter).”
  • هم‌چنان مرد و شکم بالا فکند ** آب می‌بردش نشیب و گه بلند
  • He (the fish) died in that manner and threw his belly upwards: the water was carrying him, now alow, now aloft.