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  • ترک این تون گوی و در گرمابه ران ** ترک تون را عین آن گرمابه دان
  • Abandon this stove and advance into the hot-bath: know that abandonment of the stove is the very essence of that bath.
  • هر که در تونست او چون خادمست ** مر ورا که صابرست و حازمست
  • Any one who is in the stove is as a servant to him that is self-denying and on his guard.
  • هر که در حمام شد سیمای او ** هست پیدا بر رخ زیبای او
  • Whosoever has entered the bath, his (characteristic) sign is visible upon his comely face.
  • تونیان را نیز سیما آشکار ** از لباس و از دخان و از غبار 245
  • The signs of the stokers are conspicuous too—in their dress and in the smoke and dust (which blacken them).
  • ور نبینی روش بویش را بگیر ** بو عصا آمد برای هر ضریر
  • And if you see not his (the stoker's) face, smell him; smell is (as) a staff for every one that is blind;
  • ور نداری بو در آرش در سخن ** از حدیث نو بدان راز کهن
  • And if you have not (the sense of) smell, induce him to speak, and from the new talk learn the old secret.
  • پس بگوید تونیی صاحب ذهب ** بیست سله چرک بردم تا به شب
  • Then a gold-possessing stoker will say, “I have brought in twenty baskets of filth, (working from dawn) till nightfall.”
  • حرص تو چون آتشست اندر جهان ** باز کرده هر زبانه صد دهان
  • Your cupidity is like fire in the (material) world: every (flaming) tongue (thereof) has opened a hundred mouths (to swallow filthy lucre).
  • پیش عقل این زر چو سرگین ناخوشست ** گرچه چون سرگین فروغ آتشست 250
  • In the sight of Reason, this gold is foul as dung, although, like dung, it is (the cause of) the blazing of the fire.
  • آفتابی که دم از آتش زند ** چرک تر را لایق آتش کند
  • The sun, which emulates the fire, makes the moist filth fit for the fire.