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  • کین چنین دارو چنین ناسور را ** هست درخور از پی میسور را
  • That such a medicine as this is suitable to such a desperate malady, for the purpose of success (in curing it).
  • واقعاتی دیده بودی پیش ازین ** که خدا خواهد مرا کردن گزین 2425
  • Heretofore thou hadst seen visions (warning thee) that God would choose me out (to go to thee),
  • من عصا و نور بگرفته به دست ** شاخ گستاخ ترا خواهم شکست
  • (And that) I, having taken the rod and the Light in my hand, would break thy insolent horn.
  • واقعات سهمگین از بهر این ** گونه گونه می‌نمودت رب دین
  • On this account the Lord of the Judgement was showing unto thee terrible visions of diverse sorts,
  • در خور سر بد و طغیان تو ** تا بدانی کوست درخوردان تو
  • Suitable to thy evil conscience and thy inordinate disobedience, that thou might’st know that He knows what is proper for thee;
  • تا بدانی کو حکیمست و خبیر ** مصلح امراض درمان‌ناپذیر
  • That thou might’st know that He is wise and omniscient and the healer of irremediable maladies.
  • تو به تاویلات می‌گشتی از آن ** کور و گر کین هست از خواب گران 2430
  • Through false interpretations thou wert made blind and deaf to those (visions), saying, ‘This is caused by heavy slumber’;
  • وآن طبیب و آن منجم در لمع ** دید تعبیرش بپوشید از طمع
  • And the physician and the astrologer in flashes (of intelligence) saw the (true) explanation thereof, but concealed it from (motives) of cupidity.
  • گفت دور از دولت و از شاهیت ** که درآید غصه در آگاهیت
  • He (the physician) said, ‘Far be it from thy empire and kingship that anxiety should enter into thy consciousness.
  • از غذای مختلف یا از طعام ** طبع شوریده همی‌بیند منام
  • When the (human) constitution is indisposed by food that disagrees with it or by (rich) viands, it sees visions in sleep.’