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  • آنک در تون زاد و پاکی را ندید ** بوی مشک آرد برو رنجی پدید
  • He that was born in the stove and never saw purity, the smell of musk produces a painful effect upon him.
  • قصه‌ی آن دباغ کی در بازار عطاران از بوی عطر و مشک بیهوش و رنجور شد
  • Story of the tanner who fainted and sickened on smelling otto and musk in the bazaar of the perfumers.
  • آن یکی افتاد بیهوش و خمید ** چونک در بازار عطاران رسید
  • A certain man fell senseless and curled up as soon as he came into the bazaar of the perfumers.
  • بوی عطرش زد ز عطاران راد ** تا بگردیدش سر و بر جا فتاد
  • The scent of the perfume (floating) from the goodly perfumers smote him, so that his head reeled and he fell on the spot.
  • هم‌چو مردار اوفتاد او بی‌خبر ** نیم روز اندر میان ره‌گذر
  • He fell unconscious, like a car case, at noontide in the middle of the thoroughfare.
  • جمع آمد خلق بر وی آن زمان ** جملگان لاحول‌گو درمان کنان 260
  • Thereupon the people gathered over him, all crying Lá hawl and applying remedies.
  • آن یکی کف بر دل او می براند ** وز گلاب آن دیگری بر وی فشاند
  • One was putting his hand on his (the tanner's) heart, while another sprinkled rose-water upon him;
  • او نمی‌دانست کاندر مرتعه ** از گلاب آمد ورا آن واقعه
  • (For) he did not know that from (smelling) rose-water in the meadow (the bazaar) that calamity had overtaken him.
  • آن یکی دستش همی‌مالید و سر ** وآن دگر کهگل همی آورد تر
  • One was massaging his hands and head, and another was bringing moist clay mixed with straw (to serve as a cold plaster);
  • آن بخور عود و شکر زد به هم ** وآن دگر از پوششش می‌کرد کم
  • One compounded incense of aloes-wood and sugar, while another was divesting him of part of his clothes;
  • وآن دگر نبضش که تا چون می‌جهد ** وان دگر بوی از دهانش می‌ستد 265
  • And another felt his pulse, to see how it was beating; and another was smelling his mouth,