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  • زهره‌ات ندرید تا زان زهره‌ات ** بودی اندر هر دو عالم بهره‌ات
  • (And how) thy heart was not burst, so that, by means of that (burst) heart of thine, there might accrue to thee the portion (of felicity) in the two worlds.
  • زهره‌ای کز بهره‌ی حق بر درد ** چون شهیدان از دو عالم بر خورد
  • The heart that is burst for the sake of God's portion eats fruit from (enjoys felicity in) the two worlds, as the martyrs (do).
  • غافلی هم حکمتست و این عمی ** تا بماند لیک تا این حد چرا
  • True, (this) heedlessness and this blindness is (a manifestation of) Divine Wisdom, in order that he (the heedless man) may endure; but why (be heedless) to such an extent as this?
  • غافلی هم حکمتست و نعمتست ** تا نپرد زود سرمایه ز دست
  • True, heedlessness is (a manifestation of) Divine Wisdom and Bounty, in order that (his) stock-in-trade may not suddenly fly out of (his) hand;
  • لیک نی چندانک ناسوری شود ** زهر جان و عقل رنجوری شود 2610
  • But not (heedlessness) so great that it becomes an incurable sore and a poison to the spirit and intellect of one who is sick.
  • خود کی یابد این چنین بازار را ** که به یک گل می‌خری گلزار را
  • Who, really, can find bazaars like this where with a single rose thou art buying (whole) roseries;
  • دانه‌ای را صد درختستان عوض ** حبه‌ای را آمدت صد کان عوض
  • (Where) a hundred groves come (are offered) to thee in exchange for one seed, a hundred mines in exchange for one groat?
  • کان لله دادن آن حبه است ** تا که کان‌الله له آید به دست
  • Kána lilláh is the giving of that groat, in order that kána ’lláh lahú may come into (thy) hand;
  • زآنک این هوی ضعیف بی‌قرار ** هست شد زان هوی رب پایدار
  • For this weak unstable hú (personality) was brought into being by the steadfast (permanent) hú of the Lord.
  • هوی فانی چونک خود فا او سپرد ** گشت باقی دایم و هرگز نمرد 2615
  • When the hú that passes away has surrendered itself to Him, it becomes everlasting and never dies.