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  • پادشاهان لب همی مالند شاد ** بر ستانه‌ی خاک تو این کیقباد
  • Kings are rubbing their lips joyfully on the dust of thy thresh old, O mighty emperor.
  • اسپ یاغی چون ببیند اسپ ما ** رو بگرداند گریزد بی عصا
  • When the enemy’s horse sees our horse, it turns its face and flees without flogging’.
  • تاکنون معبود و مسجود جهان ** بوده‌ای گردی کمینه‌ی بندگان 2730
  • Hitherto thou hast been worshipped and adored by the (whole) world: (now) thou wilt become the meanest of slaves.
  • در هزار آتش شدن زین خوشترست ** که خداوندی شود بنده‌پرست
  • To go into a thousand fires is better than this, that a lord should become the servant of a slave.
  • نه بکش اول مرا ای شاه چین ** تا نبیند چشم من بر شاه این
  • Nay, kill me first, O king of China, that mine eye may not be hold this (servility) in the king.
  • خسروا اول مرا گردن بزن ** تا نبیند این مذلت چشم من
  • O emperor, behead me first, that mine eye may not behold this ignominy.
  • خود نبودست و مبادا این چنین ** که زمین گردون شود گردون زمین
  • Truly never has there been—and never may there be!—such a thing as this, that the earth should become the sky, and the sky become the earth;
  • بندگان‌مان خواجه‌تاش ما شوند ** بی‌دلان‌مان دلخراش ما شوند 2735
  • (That) our slaves should become our fellow-servants, (and that) our timorous ones should become those who (cruelly) wound our hearts;
  • چشم‌روشن دشمنان و دوست کور ** گشت ما را پس گلستان قعر گور
  • (That our) enemies (should be) bright-eyed and (our) friends blind: then (in that case) the rose-garden has become for us (like) the bottom of the tomb.”
  • تزییف سخن هامان علیه‌اللعنه
  • Showing the falsity of Hámán’s speech— the curse (of God) be upon him!
  • دوست از دشمن همی نشناخت او ** نرد را کورانه کژ می‌باخت او
  • He did not know friend from enemy: he was playing back gammon (all) wrong, like a blind man.