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  • چشم‌روشن دشمنان و دوست کور ** گشت ما را پس گلستان قعر گور
  • (That our) enemies (should be) bright-eyed and (our) friends blind: then (in that case) the rose-garden has become for us (like) the bottom of the tomb.”
  • تزییف سخن هامان علیه‌اللعنه
  • Showing the falsity of Hámán’s speech— the curse (of God) be upon him!
  • دوست از دشمن همی نشناخت او ** نرد را کورانه کژ می‌باخت او
  • He did not know friend from enemy: he was playing back gammon (all) wrong, like a blind man.
  • دشمن تو جز تو نبود این لعین ** بی‌گناهان را مگو دشمن به کین
  • Thy enemy is none but thyself, O accursed one: do not de spitefully call the innocent (thy) enemies.
  • پیش تو این حالت بد دولتست ** که دوادو اول و آخر لتست
  • In thy sight this evil state (in which thou art) is dawlat (worldly fortune), whereof the beginning is dawádaw (running to and fro) and the end lat (blows).
  • گر ازین دولت نتازی خز خزان ** این بهارت را همی آید خزان 2740
  • If by degrees thou do not run away from this worldly fortune, autumn will come o’er this spring of thine.
  • مشرق و مغرب چو تو بس دیده‌اند ** که سر ایشان ز تن ببریده‌اند
  • East and West have seen many like thee, whose heads have been severed from their bodies.
  • مشرق و مغرب که نبود بر قرار ** چون کنند آخر کسی را پایدار
  • After all, how should East and West, which are not permanent, make any one enduring?
  • تو بدان فخر آوری کز ترس و بند ** چاپلوست گشت مردم روز چند
  • Thou takest pride in the fact that men, from fear and bondage, have become thy flatterers for a few days.
  • هر کرا مردم سجودی می‌کنند ** زهر اندر جان او می‌آکنند
  • When men bow in adoration to any one, they are (really) cramming poison into his soul.
  • چونک بر گردد ازو آن ساجدش ** داند او کان زهر بود و موبدش 2745
  • When his adorer turns away from him, he knows that that (adoration) was poisonous and destructive to him.