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  • جز سه کس که حقد ایشان چیره بود ** ساحرش گفتند و کاهی از جحود
  • Save three persons, whose rancour was prevailing: they, from disbelief, called him a magician and soothsayer.
  • ملک بر بسته چنان باشد ضعیف ** ملک بر رسته چنین باشد شریف
  • The kingship that has been tied on (artificially) is weak like that; the kingship that has grown up (naturally) is august like this.
  • نیزه‌ها را گر ندیدی با قضیب ** نامشان بین نام او بین این نجیب
  • If thou didst not see the lances together with the wand, (yet) consider the names of them (the Amírs) and consider the name of him (Mohammed), O noble one!
  • نامشان را سیل تیز مرگ برد ** نام او و دولت تیزش نمرد 2800
  • Their names the rapid torrent of death has borne away; his name and his puissant fortune are not dead.
  • پنج نوبت می‌زنندش بر دوام ** هم‌چنین هر روز تا روز قیام
  • For him the drum is always beaten five times (daily): on this wise every day till the Day of Resurrection.
  • گر ترا عقلست کردم لطفها ** ور خری آورده‌ام خر را عصا
  • “If thou hast intelligence, (thou wilt see that) I have done kindnesses; and if thou art an ass, I have brought the rod for the ass.
  • آنچنان زین آخرت بیرون کنم ** کز عصا گوش و سرت پر خون کنم
  • I will turn thee out of this stable in such wise that I will make thy ears and head bloody with (blows of) the rod.
  • اندرین آخر خران و مردمان ** می‌نیابند از جفای تو امان
  • In this stable asses and men are getting no quarter from thy oppression.
  • نک عصا آورده‌ام بهر ادب ** هر خری را کو نباشد مستحب 2805
  • Lo, I have brought the rod, for correction's sake, for every ass that is not approved.
  • اژدهایی می‌شود در قهر تو ** که اژدهایی گشته‌ای در فعل و خو
  • It will become a dragon in subduing thee, for thou hast become a dragon in (thy) deeds and disposition.