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  • این عصایی بود این دم اژدهاست ** تا نگویی دوزخ یزدان کجاست 2810
  • This was a rod; it is now a dragon, to the end that thou mayst not say, ‘Where is God's Hell?’”
  • در بیان آنک شناسای قدرت حق نپرسد کی بهشت و دوزخ کجاست
  • Explaining that one who knows the power of God will not ask, "Where are Paradise and Hell?"
  • هر کجا خدا دوزخ کند ** اوج را بر مرغ دام و فخ کند
  • God makes Hell to be wheresoever He will: He makes the zenith to be a snare and trap for the bird.
  • هم ز دندانت برآید دردها ** تا بگویی دوزخست و اژدها
  • Likewise from thy teeth arise pangs of pain, to the end that thou mayst say, “‘Tis Hell and the dragon.”
  • یا کند آب دهانت را عسل ** که بگویی که بهشتست و حلل
  • Or He makes the water of thy mouth to be (sweet as) honey, that thou mayst say, “’Tis Paradise and the robes (of Paradise).”
  • از بن دندان برویاند شکر ** تا بدانی قوت حکم قدر
  • He makes sugar to grow from the roots of the teeth, that thou mayst know the power of the ordinance of the (Divine) decree.
  • پس به دندان بی‌گناهان را مگز ** فکر کن از ضربت نامحترز 2815
  • Do not, then, bite the innocent with thy teeth: bethink thee of the stroke that is not to be guarded against.
  • نیل را بر قبطیان حق خون کند ** سبطیان را از بلا محصون کند
  • God makes the Nile to be blood for the Egyptians; He makes the Israelites safe from calamity,
  • تا بدانی پیش حق تمییز هست ** در میان هوشیار راه و مست
  • That thou mayst know that with God there is discrimination between the sober (traveller) on the Way and the intoxicated.
  • نیل تمییز از خدا آموختست ** که گشاد آن را و این را سخت بست
  • The Nile has learned from God to discriminate, for it opened (the door) for these (Israelites) and shut fast (the door) against those (Egyptians).
  • لطف او عاقل کند مر نیل را ** قهر او ابله کند قابیل را
  • His grace makes the Nile intelligent; His wrath makes Cain foolish.