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  • تا بدانی پیش حق تمییز هست ** در میان هوشیار راه و مست
  • That thou mayst know that with God there is discrimination between the sober (traveller) on the Way and the intoxicated.
  • نیل تمییز از خدا آموختست ** که گشاد آن را و این را سخت بست
  • The Nile has learned from God to discriminate, for it opened (the door) for these (Israelites) and shut fast (the door) against those (Egyptians).
  • لطف او عاقل کند مر نیل را ** قهر او ابله کند قابیل را
  • His grace makes the Nile intelligent; His wrath makes Cain foolish.
  • در جمادات از کرم عقل آفرید ** عقل از عاقل به قهر خود برید 2820
  • He, from kindness, created intelligence in lifeless things; He, because of His wrath, cut off intelligence from the intelligent one.
  • در جماد از لطف عقلی شد پدید ** وز نکال از عاقلان دانش رمید
  • By (His) grace an intelligence appeared in lifeless matter, and through (His) chastisement knowledge fled from the intelligent.
  • عقل چون باران به امر آنجا بریخت ** عقل این سو خشم حق دید و گریخت
  • There, by (His) command the rain-like intelligence poured down; here, intelligence saw God's anger and took to flight.
  • ابر و خورشید و مه و نجم بلند ** جمله بر ترتیب آیند و روند
  • Clouds and sun and moon and lofty stars, all come and go according to arrangement.
  • هر یکی ناید مگر در وقت خویش ** که نه پس ماند ز هنگام و نه پیش
  • None comes but at its appointed hour, so that it neither lags behind the time nor (arrives) before.
  • چون نکردی فهم این را ز انبیا ** دانش آوردند در سنگ و عصا 2825
  • How hast not thou understood this from the prophets? They brought knowledge into stone and rod,
  • تا جمادات دگر را بی لباس ** چون عصا و سنگ داری از قیاس
  • That thou, (judging) by analogy, might’st undoubtingly deem the other lifeless things to be like rod and stone (in this respect).