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  • رنج را صدتو و افزون می‌کنید ** عقل را دارو به افیون می‌کنید
  • Ye are making the illness hundredfold and more: ye are drugging the intelligence with opium.”
  • معالجه کردن برادر دباغ دباغ را به خفیه به بوی سرگین
  • How the tanner’s brother sought to cure him secretly with the smell of dung.
  • خلق را می‌راند از وی آن جوان ** تا علاجش را نبینند آن کسان
  • The youth kept driving the people away from him (the tanner), in order that those persons might not see his treatment (of the sick man).
  • سر به گوشش برد هم‌چون رازگو ** پس نهاد آن چیز بر بینی او 290
  • He brought his head (close) to his ear, like one telling a secret; then he put the thing (which he had in his hand) to his (the tanner’s) nose;
  • کو به کف سرگین سگ ساییده بود ** داروی مغز پلید آن دیده بود
  • For he had rubbed the dog’s dung on his palm: he had deemed it (to be) the remedy for the polluted brain.
  • ساعتی شد مرد جنبیدن گرفت ** خلق گفتند این فسونی بد شگفت
  • A short while passed: the man began to move: the people said, “This was a wonderful charm;
  • کین بخواند افسون به گوش او دمید ** مرده بود افسون به فریادش رسید
  • For this (youth) recited charms and breathed (them) into his ear: he was dead: the charms came to succour him.”
  • جنبش اهل فساد آن سو بود ** که زنا و غمزه و ابرو بود
  • The movement of iniquitous folk is to the quarter in which there is fornication and ogling glances and eyebrows.
  • هر کرا مشک نصیحت سود نیست ** لاجرم با بوی بد خو کرد نیست 295
  • Any one to whom the musk, admonition, is of no use must necessarily make himself familiar with the bad smell.
  • مشرکان را زان نجس خواندست حق ** کاندرون پشک زادند از سبق
  • God has called the polytheists najas (uncleanness)’ for the reason that they were born in dung from of old.
  • کرم کو زادست در سرگین ابد ** می‌نگرداند به عنبر خوی خود
  • The worm that has been born in dung will nevermore change its evil nature by means of ambergris.