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  • گر سرش جنبد پیر باد رو ** تو به سر جنبانیش غره مشو
  • If its head move with the motion of the wind, go, be not deceived by its moving its head.
  • آن سرش گوید سمعنا ای صبا ** پای او گوید عصینا خلنا
  • Its head says, “We obey, O zephyr!” Its foot says, “We refuse to obey: let us alone!”
  • چون ندارد سیر می‌راند چون عام ** بر توکل می‌نهد چون کور گام
  • Since he (the man of dull sight) does not know how to move (on the Way to God), he advances like the vulgar, stepping (forward) on trust, like a blind man.
  • بر توکل تا چه آید در نبرد ** چون توکل کردن اصحاب نرد 2900
  • Consider what comes of acting on trust in warfare: (it is vain) like the trust of dice-players.
  • وآن نظرهایی که آن افسرده نیست ** جز رونده و جز درنده‌ی پرده نیست
  • But those insights that are not frozen (dense and dull) are nothing if not piercing and veil-rending.
  • آنچ در ده سال خواهد آمدن ** این زمان بیند به چشم خویشتن
  • He (such a one) sees with his own eye at the present moment that which will come to pass in ten years.
  • هم‌چنین هر کس به اندازه‌ی نظر ** غیب و مستقبل ببیند خیر وشر
  • Similarly, every one sees the unseen and the future, (both) good and evil, according to the measure of his insight.
  • چونک سد پیش و سد پس نماند ** شد گذاره چشم و لوح غیب خواند
  • When the barrier in front and the barrier behind are removed, the eye penetrates and reads the tablet of the Unseen.
  • چون نظر پس کرد تا بدو وجود ** ماجرا و آغاز هستی رو نمود 2905
  • When he (such a one) looks back to the origin of existence, the past circumstances and beginning of existence display themselves (to him)—
  • بحث املاک زمین با کبریا ** در خلیفه کردن بابای ما
  • (Namely), the disputation of the terrestrial angels with the (Divine) Majesty as to making our Father (Adam) the Vicegerent.