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  • چون محک آمد بلا و بیم جان ** زان پدید آید شجاع از هر جبان 2920
  • Tribulation and fear for one's life are like a touchstone: thereby the brave man is distinguished from every coward.
  • وحی کردن حق به موسی علیه‌السلام کی ای موسی من کی خالقم تعالی ترا دوست می‌دارم
  • How God made a revelation to Moses, on whom be peace, saying, "O Moses, I who am the exalted Creator love thee."
  • گفت موسی را به وحی دل خدا ** کای گزیده دوست می‌دارم ترا
  • God spoke to Moses by inspiration of the heart, saying, “O chosen one, I love thee.”
  • گفت چه خصلت بود ای ذوالکرم ** موجب آن تا من آن افزون کنم
  • He (Moses) said, “O Bountiful One, (tell me) what disposition (in me) is the cause of that, in order that I may augment it.”
  • گفت چون طفلی به پیش والده ** وقت قهرش دست هم در وی زده
  • He (God) said, “Thou art like a child in the presence of its mother: when she chastises it, it still lays hold of her.
  • خود نداند که جز او دیار هست ** هم ازو مخمور هم از اوست مست
  • It does not even know that there is any one in the world except her: it is both afflicted with headache (sorrow) by her and intoxicated (with joy) by her.
  • مادرش گر سیلیی بر وی زند ** هم به مادر آید و بر وی تند 2925
  • If its mother give it a slap, still it comes to its mother and clings to her.
  • از کسی یاری نخواهد غیر او ** اوست جمله شر او و خیر او
  • It does not seek help from any one but her: she is all its evil and its good.
  • خاطر تو هم ز ما در خیر و شر ** التفاتش نیست جاهای دگر
  • Thy heart, likewise, in good or evil (plight) never turns from Me to other quarters.
  • غیر من پیشت چون سنگست و کلوخ ** گر صبی و گر جوان و گر شیوخ
  • In thy sight all besides Me are as stones and clods, whether (they be) boys or youths or old men.”
  • هم‌چنانک ایاک نعبد در حنین ** در بلا از غیر تو لانستعین
  • Just as Thee we worship in yearning entreaty, (so) in tribulation we ask help of none but Thee.