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  • کین بخواند افسون به گوش او دمید ** مرده بود افسون به فریادش رسید
  • For this (youth) recited charms and breathed (them) into his ear: he was dead: the charms came to succour him.”
  • جنبش اهل فساد آن سو بود ** که زنا و غمزه و ابرو بود
  • The movement of iniquitous folk is to the quarter in which there is fornication and ogling glances and eyebrows.
  • هر کرا مشک نصیحت سود نیست ** لاجرم با بوی بد خو کرد نیست 295
  • Any one to whom the musk, admonition, is of no use must necessarily make himself familiar with the bad smell.
  • مشرکان را زان نجس خواندست حق ** کاندرون پشک زادند از سبق
  • God has called the polytheists najas (uncleanness)’ for the reason that they were born in dung from of old.
  • کرم کو زادست در سرگین ابد ** می‌نگرداند به عنبر خوی خود
  • The worm that has been born in dung will nevermore change its evil nature by means of ambergris.
  • چون نزد بر وی نثار رش نور ** او همه جسمست بی‌دل چون قشور
  • Since the largesse of sprinkled light did not strike upon him (the wicked man), he is wholly body, without heart (spirit), like (empty) husks.
  • ور ز رش نور حق قسمیش داد ** هم‌چو رسم مصر سرگین مرغ‌زاد
  • And if God gave him a portion of the sprinkled light, the dung hatched a bird, as is the custom in Egypt— so
  • لیک نه مرغ خسیس خانگی ** بلک مرغ دانش و فرزانگی 300
  • But not the cheap domestic fowl; nay, but the bird of know ledge and wisdom.
  • تو بدان مانی کز آن نوری تهی ** زآنک بینی بر پلیدی می‌نهی
  • “Thou resemblest that (wicked man) for thou art devoid of that light, inasmuch as thou art putting thy nose to filth.
  • از فراقت زرد شد رخسار و رو ** برگ زردی میوه‌ی ناپخته تو
  • Because of being parted (from me) thy cheeks and face have become yellow (pale): thou art (a tree with) yellow leaves and unripened fruit,