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  • که عبادت مر ترا آریم و بس ** طمع یاری هم ز تو داریم و بس
  • Meaning, “We perform worship to Thee alone; we have hope of help from Thee alone.”
  • خشم کردن پادشاه بر ندیم و شفاعت کردن شفیع آن مغضوب علیه را و از پادشاه درخواستن و پادشاه شفاعت او قبول کردن و رنجیدن ندیم از این شفیع کی چرا شفاعت کردی
  • How a king was enraged with his boon-companion, and an intercessor interceded on behalf of the object of (the king's) anger and begged the king (to pardon the offender); and how (when) the king accepted his intercession, the boon-companion resented the action of the intercessor and asked, "Why did you intercede?"
  • پادشاهی بر ندیمی خشم کرد ** خواست تا از وی برآرد دود و گرد
  • A king was enraged with a boon-companion and was about to reduce him to smoke and dust.
  • کرد شه شمشیر بیرون از غلاف ** تا زند بر وی جزای آن خلاف
  • The king drew his sword from the scabbard that he might inflict upon him the punishment for that disobedience.
  • هیچ کس را زهره نه تا دم زند ** یا شفیعی بر شفاعت بر تند 2935
  • No one had the courage to utter a word nor any intercessor to venture on intercession,
  • جز عمادالملک نامی در خواص ** در شفاعت مصطفی‌وارانه خاص
  • Except one amongst the courtiers named ‘Imádu ’l-Mulk, (who was) privileged in respect of intercession, like Mustafá (Mohammed).
  • بر جهید و زود در سجده فتاد ** در زمان شه تیغ قهر از کف نهاد
  • He sprang up and at once prostrated himself: the king immediately put away from his hand the sword of vengeance,
  • گفت اگر دیوست من بخشیدمش ** ور بلیسی کرد من پوشیدمش
  • And said, “If he is the (very) Devil, I forgive him; and if he has done a satanic deed, I cover it up.
  • چونک آمد پای تو اندر میان ** راضیم گر کرد مجرم صد زیان
  • Since thou hast intervened, I am satisfied, (even) if the culprit has committed a hundred acts of harm.
  • صد هزاران خشم را توانم شکست ** که ترا آن فضل و آن مقدار هست 2940
  • I can break (annul) a hundred thousand angers, seeing that thou hast such excellence and such worth;
  • لابه‌ات را هیچ نتوانم شکست ** زآنک لابه‌ی تو یقین لابه‌ی منست
  • (But) nowise can I break (annul) thy supplication, because thy supplication is assuredly my supplication.