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  • که نه مجنونست یاری چون برید ** از کسی که جان او را وا خرید
  • Saying, “(If) he is not mad, how did he cut off friendly relations with the person who redeemed his life?
  • وا خریدش آن دم از گردن زدن ** خاک نعل پاش بایستی شدن
  • He (the intercessor) redeemed (saved) him from beheading at that moment: he (the culprit) ought to have become the dust of his (the intercessor's) shoe.
  • بازگونه رفت و بیزاری گرفت ** با چنین دلدار کین‌داری گرفت 2955
  • He has gone the reverse way and has taken (the course of) renouncing (his friend): he has taken to cherishing enmity against a beloved like this.”
  • پس ملامت کرد او را مصلحی ** کیین جفا چون می‌کنی با ناصحی
  • Then a certain mentor reproached him, saying, “Why are you acting so unjustly towards a loyal friend?
  • جان تو بخرید آن دلدار خاص ** آن دم از گردن زدن کردت خلاص
  • That elect beloved redeemed your life and saved you from beheading at that moment.
  • گر بدی کردی نبایستی رمید ** خاصه نیکی کرد آن یار حمید
  • If he had done evil (towards you), you ought not to have turned away (from him; but) that praiseworthy friend was especially your benefactor.”
  • گفت بهر شاه مبذولست جان ** او چرا آید شفیع اندر میان
  • He replied, “Life is freely given for the king's sake: why should he come as an intercessor between (us)?
  • لی مع‌الله وقت بود آن دم مرا ** لا یسع فیه نبی مجتبی 2960
  • At that moment mine was (the state described by the words) —‘I am with God in a state wherein no chosen prophet is my peer.’
  • من نخواهم رحمتی جز زخم شاه ** من نخواهم غیر آن شه را پناه
  • I desire no mercy but the blows of the king; I desire no refuge except that king.
  • غیر شه را بهر آن لا کرده‌ام ** که به سوی شه تولا کرده‌ام
  • I have naughted all besides the king for the reason that I have devoted myself to the king.