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  • بهر این فرمود آن شاه نبیه ** مصطفی که الولد سر ابیه
  • On account of this, that renowned (spiritual) king, Mustafá (Mohammed), said, ‘The son is the marrow of his father.’
  • بهر این معنی همه خلق از شغف ** می‌بیاموزند طفلان را حرف
  • For this reason all people, (being moved) by heartfelt love, teach their children (their own) trades,
  • تا بماند آن معانی در جهان ** چون شود آن قالب ایشان نهان
  • To the end that these inward meanings may remain in the world when that body of theirs becomes hidden.
  • حق به حکمت حرصشان دادست جد ** بهر رشد هر صغیر مستعد
  • God in His wisdom has given them intense desire for the right guidance of every little one capable (of learning).
  • من هم از بهر دوام نسل خویش ** جفت خواهم پور خود را خوب کیش 3120
  • I too, for the purpose of (ensuring) the continuance of my race, will seek for my son a wife of good principles.
  • دختری خواهم ز نسل صالحی ** نی ز نسل پادشاهی کالحی
  • I will seek a girl who is the offspring of a righteous man, not the offspring of a stern-visaged king.”
  • شاه خود این صالحست آزاد اوست ** نی اسیر حرص فرجست و گلوست
  • This righteous man is himself a king, he is free, he is not the prisoner of lust and gluttony.
  • مر اسیران را لقب کردند شاه ** عکس چون کافور نام آن سیاه
  • They (the people) have given (those) prisoners the title of “king” by inversion, just as Káfúr (Camphor) is the name of that negro.
  • شد مفازه بادیه‌ی خون‌خوار نام ** نیکبخت آن پیس را کردند عام
  • The blood-drinking (deadly) wilderness is named mafáza (place of safety); the vulgar call the leper Níkbakht (Fortunatus).
  • بر اسیر شهوت و حرص و امل ** بر نوشته میر یا صدر اجل 3125
  • They have described the prisoner of lust and anger and ambition by the name of Mír or Sadr-i ajall (most honourable prince).