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  • شاه چون با زاهدی خویشی گزید ** این خبر در گوش خاتونان رسید
  • When the king chose (matrimonial) relationship with an ascetic, this news came to the ears of (his) ladies.
  • اختیار کردن پادشاه دختر درویش زاهدی را از جهت پسر و اعتراض کردن اهل حرم و ننگ داشتن ایشان از پیوندی درویش
  • How the king chose the daughter of a poor ascetic for his son and how the ladies of the harem raised objections and disdained the (proposed) alliance with the dervish.
  • مادر شه‌زاده گفت از نقص عقل ** شرط کفویت بود در عقل نقل
  • The prince's mother, from deficiency of understanding, said, “According to reason and tradition equality (of rank) is requisite.
  • تو ز شح و بخل خواهی وز دها ** تا ببندی پور ما را بر گدا 3130
  • Thou from stinginess and miserliness and shrewdness wishest to ally our son with a beggar.”
  • گفت صالح را گدا گفتن خطاست ** کو غنی القلب از داد خداست
  • He (the king) said, “It is a fault to call the righteous man a beggar, for through the grace of God he is spiritually rich.
  • در قناعت می‌گریزد از تقی ** نه از لیمی و کسل هم‌چون گدا
  • He is taking refuge in contentment because of piety, not because of meanness and laziness, like the beggar.
  • قلتی کان از قناعت وز تقاست ** آن ز فقر و قلت دونان جداست
  • The penury which arises from contentment and piety is distinct from the poverty and penury of the base.
  • حبه‌ای آن گر بیابد سر نهد ** وین ز گنج زر به همت می‌جهد
  • If that one (the beggar) find a single groat, he bows his head (in homage), while this one (the righteous man) in his lofty aspiration recoils from a treasure of gold.
  • شه که او از حرص قصد هر حرام ** می‌کند او را گدا گوید همام 3135
  • The king who from cupidity is betaking himself to everything unlawful— the man of noble mind calls him a beggar.”
  • گفت کو شهر و قلاع او را جهاز ** یا نثار گوهر و دینار ریز
  • She (the prince's mother) said, “Where are his cities and castles (to furnish) the wedding-outfit, or (where are his means of) scattering gems and pieces of gold?”
  • گفت رو هر که غم دین برگزید ** باقی غمها خدا از وی برید
  • He (the king) said, “Begone! Whosoever prefers to care for religion, God cuts off from him all remaining cares.”