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  • پس یقین گشتش که مطلق آن سریست ** چاره او را بعد از این لابه گریست
  • Then it became clear to him that that (infatuation) was absolutely a (Divine) mystery, and that thenceforth his (only) remedy was supplication.
  • سجده می‌کرد او که هم فرمان تراست ** غیر حق بر ملک حق فرمان کراست
  • He was prostrating himself in prayer, saying, “It beseems Thee to command: to whom but God belongeth the command over God's kingdom?
  • لیک این مسکین همی‌سوزد چو عود ** دست گیرش ای رحیم و ای ودود
  • But this poor wretch is burning like aloes-wood: take his hand (help him), O Merciful and Loving One!”
  • تا ز یا رب یا رب و افغان شاه ** ساحری استاد پیش آمد ز راه
  • (So did he pray) until, because of the “O Lord! O Lord!” and lamentation of the king, a master-magician came from the road into his presence.
  • مستجاب شدن دعای پادشاه در خلاص پسرش از جادوی کابلی
  • How the king's prayer for the deliverance of his son from the witch of Kábul was granted.
  • او شنیده بود از دور این خبر ** که اسیر پیرزن گشت آن پسر 3160
  • He had heard from afar the news that that boy had been captivated by an old woman,
  • کان عجوزه بود اندر جادوی ** بی‌نظیر و آمن از مثل و دوی
  • A crone who in witchery was unrivalled and secure from likeness and duality.
  • دست بر بالای دستست ای فتی ** در فن و در زور تا ذات خدا
  • Hand is above hand, O youth, in skill and in strength up to the Essence of God.
  • منتهای دستها دست خداست ** بحر بی‌شک منتهای سیلهاست
  • The ultimate end of (all) hands is the Hand of God: the ultimate end of (all) torrents is undoubtedly the sea.
  • هم ازو گیرند مایه ابرها ** هم بدو باشد نهایت سیل را
  • From it the clouds take their origin, and in it too the torrent hath an end.
  • گفت شاهش کین پسر از دست رفت ** گفت اینک آمدم درمان زفت 3165
  • The king said to him, “This boy has passed out of control (has lost his wits).” He (the magician) said, “Look you, I am come as a potent remedy.