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  • در سخن آباد این دم راه شد ** گفت امکان نیست چون بیگاه شد
  • The way is now made (open for entering) into the realm of Discourse (Exposition); (but) ‘tis impossible to speak (on the subject), since there is no time (to do so at present).
  • پوستها گفتیم و مغز آمد دفین ** گر بمانیم این نماند همچنین
  • We have told the husks (externals), but the kernel (the inner meaning) is buried; if we remain (alive), this will not remain (concealed) as it is now.
  • رد کردن معشوقه عذر عاشق را و تلبیس او را در روی او مالیدن
  • How the beloved rejected the excuses of the lover and rubbed his duplicity into him.
  • در جوابش بر گشاد آن یار لب ** کز سوی ما روز سوی تست شب 320
  • The loved one opened her lips to answer him, saying, “On my side it is day, and on thy side it is night.
  • حیله‌های تیره اندر داوری ** پیش بینایان چرا می‌آوری
  • Why in contention dost thou bring forward dark evasions be fore those who see (the truth plainly)?
  • هر چه در دل داری از مکر و رموز ** پیش ما رسواست و پیدا هم‌چو روز
  • To us, all the deceit and dissimulations that thou ha in thy heart are manifest and clear as day.
  • گر بپوشیمش ز بنده‌پروری ** تو چرا بی‌رویی از حد می‌بری
  • If we, in kindness to our servant, cover it up, why dost thou carry shamelessness beyond the limit?
  • از پدر آموز که آدم در گناه ** خوش فرود آمد به سوی پایگاه
  • Learn from thy Father; for in (the hour of) sin Adam came down willingly to the vestibule
  • چون بدید آن عالم الاسرار را ** بر دو پا استاد استغفار را 325
  • When he beheld that Knower of secrets, he stood up on his feet to ask forgiveness.
  • بر سر خاکستر انده نشست ** از بهانه شاخ تا شاخی نجست
  • He seated himself on the ashes of contrition: he did not jump from one branch of idle pleading to another
  • ربنا انا ظلمنا گفت و بس ** چونک جانداران بدید از پیش و پس
  • He said only, ‘O Lord, verily we have done wrong,’ when he saw the (angelic) life-guards in front and behind.