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  • برق آیینه‌ست لامع از نمد ** گر نماید آینه تا چون بود
  • The gleam of the mirror is flashing through the (cover of) felt cloth: think how it will be if the mirror (itself) be displayed!
  • از هزاران می‌نگویم من یکی ** ز آنک آکندست هر گوش از شکی
  • I am not telling one (mystery) out of thousands, because every ear is filled with a doubt.
  • پیش وهم این گفت مژده دادنست ** عقل گوید مژده چه نقد منست 3270
  • To Opinion this saying (of mine) is (only) a joyful announcement (concerning the future), (but) Reason says, ‘What (occasion for) announcement? It is my cash in hand (actual and present experience).’”
  • قصه‌ی فرزندان عزیر علیه‌السلام کی از پدر احوال پدر می‌پرسیدند می‌گفت آری دیدمش می‌آید بعضی شناختندش بیهوش شدند بعضی نشناختند می‌گفتند خود مژده‌ای داد این بیهوش شدن چیست
  • Story of the sons of ‘Uzayr, on whom be peace, who were making inquiries about their father from (one who really was) their father. "Yes," he replied, "I have seen him: he is coming." Some (of them) recognised him and became unconscious, (while) others did not recognise him and said, "He has only announced (our father's coming): what is this unconsciousness?"
  • هم‌چو پوران عزیز اندر گذر ** آمده پرسان ز احوال پدر
  • (The case is) like (that of) the sons of ‘Uzayr who came into the thoroughfare, asking news of their father.
  • گشته ایشان پیر و باباشان جوان ** پس پدرشان پیش آمد ناگهان
  • They had grown old, while their father had been made young. Then suddenly their father met them.
  • پس بپرسیدند ازو کای ره‌گذر ** از عزیر ما عجب داری خبر
  • So they inquired of him, saying, “O wayfarer, we wonder if thou hast news of our ‘Uzayr;
  • که کسی‌مان گفت که امروز آن سند ** بعد نومیدی ز بیرون می‌رسد
  • For some one told us that to-day that man of (great) authority would arrive from abroad after we had given up hope (of seeing him).”
  • گفت آری بعد من خواهد رسید ** آن یکی خوش شد چو این مژده شنید 3275
  • “Yes,” he replied, “he will arrive after me.” That one (the son of ‘Uzayr) rejoiced when he heard the good tidings,
  • بانگ می‌زد کای مبشر باش شاد ** وان دگر بشناخت بیهوش اوفتاد
  • Crying, “Joy to thee, O bringer of the good news!” But the other (son) recognised (him) and fell (to the ground) unconscious,
  • که چه جای مژده است ای خیره‌سر ** که در افتادیم در کان شکر
  • Saying, “What occasion is there for good tidings, O scatterbrain, when we have fallen into the mine (the very midst) of sugar?”