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  • حکمت اظهار تاریخ دراز ** مستیی انداخت در دانای راز
  • The (Divine) purpose of making manifest the (things of) long ago (the eternal things) cast an intoxication upon the knower of the mystery,
  • راز پنهان با چنین طبل و علم ** آب جوشان گشته از جف القلم
  • (So that) with such drum and banner (conspicuousness) the hidden mystery has become water gushing from (the fountain of) “the Pen is dry.”
  • رحمت بی‌حد روانه هر زمان ** خفته‌اید از درک آن ای مردمان
  • The infinite Mercy is flowing continually: ye are asleep to the perception thereof, O men!
  • جامه‌ی خفته خورد از جوی آب ** خفته اندر خواب جویای سراب 3305
  • The sleeper's garment drinks water from the river, (while) the sleeper is seeking the mirage in his dream.
  • می‌رود که آنجای بوی آب هست ** زین تفکر راه را بر خویش بست
  • He keeps running (to and fro), saying, “Yonder there is hope of water”: by this (false) thought he has barred the way against himself.
  • زانک آنجا گفت زینجا دور شد ** بر خیالی از حقی مهجور شد
  • Because he said “yonder” he became far from here (from the place where the water is): (through resting) in a vain imagination he was banished from a reality.
  • دوربینانند و بس خفته‌روان ** رحمتی آریدشان ای ره‌روان
  • They (the worldly) are far-seeing (for their selfish ends) and very fast asleep spiritually: take some mercy upon them, O travellers on the Way!
  • من ندیدم تشنگی خواب آورد ** خواب آرد تشنگی بی‌خرد
  • I never saw thirst (eager desire) induce sleep: (only) the thirst of the unintelligent induces sleep.
  • خود خرد آنست کو از حق چرید ** نه خرد کان را عطارد آورید 3310
  • The (true) intelligence, indeed, is that which was fed by God, not the intelligence that was bestowed by (the planet) Mercury.
  • بیان آنک عقل جزوی تا بگور بیش نبیند در باقی مقلد اولیا و انبیاست
  • Explaining that the particular (discursive) intellect does not see beyond the grave and, as regards all the rest, is subject to the authority of the saints and prophets.
  • پیش‌بینی این خرد تا گور بود ** وآن صاحب دل به نفخ صور بود
  • The foresight of this intellect extends (only) to the grave, while that of the spiritual man is till the blast of the trumpet (of Resurrection).