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  • گر ازین سایه روی سوی منی ** زود طاغی گردی و ره گم کنی
  • If thou go from this shade towards egoism, thou wilt soon become disobedient (to God) and lose the way.
  • بیان آنک یا ایها الذین آمنوا لا تقدموا بین یدی الله و رسوله چون نبی نیستی ز امت باش چونک سلطان نه‌ای رعیت باش پس رو خاموش باش از خود زحمتی و رایی متراش
  • Explaining (the Verse), "O ye that believe, do not put (yourselves) forward in the presence of God and His Apostle." Since thou art not the Prophet, be one of the religious community; since thou art not the sovereign, be a subject.
  • پس برو خاموش باش از انقیاد ** زیر ظل امر شیخ و اوستاد
  • Follow (do not lead): be silent in submission beneath the shade of the command of the Shaykh and Master;
  • ورنه گر چه مستعد و قابلی ** مسخ گردی تو ز لاف کاملی
  • Otherwise, though thou art predisposed and capable, thou wilt become deformed through boasting of (thy) perfection.
  • هم ز استعداد وا مانی اگر ** سر کشی ز استاد راز و با خبر 3350
  • Thou wilt be deprived even of (thy good) predisposition, if thou rebel against the Master of the mystery who is endowed with knowledge.
  • صبر کن در موزه دوزی تو هنوز ** ور بوی بی‌صبر گردی پاره‌دوز
  • Do thou still have patience in cobbling; for if thou be impatient, thou wilt become a rag-stitcher.
  • کهنه‌دوزان گر بدیشان صبر و حلم ** جمله نودوزان شدندی هم به علم
  • If the stitchers of old clothes had patience and forbearance, all of them too would become stitchers of new garments through (acquisition of) knowledge.
  • بس بکوشی و بخر از کلال ** هم تو گویی خویش کالعقل عقال
  • Thou strivest much, and at last even thou thyself sayest in weariness that the intellect is a fetter,
  • هم‌چو آن مرد مفلسف روز مرگ ** عقل را می‌دید بس بی‌بال و برگ
  • Like the philosopher (who) on the day of his death perceived his intellect to be very poor and feeble,
  • بی‌غرض می‌کرد آن دم اعتراف ** کز ذکاوت راندیم اسپ از گزاف 3355
  • And in that hour disinterestedly confessed (the truth), saying, “(Impelled) by acuteness of mind we galloped in vain.
  • از غروری سر کشیدیم از رجال ** آشنا کردیم در بحر خیال
  • In delusion we drew (scornfully) away from the holy men, we swam in the sea of phantasy.”