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  • چشم اشتر زان بود بس نوربار ** کو خورد از بهر نور چشم خار
  • The eye of the camel is very luminous because he (the camel) eats thorns for the sake of (increasing) the light of his eye.
  • قصه‌ی شکایت استر با شتر کی من بسیار در رو می‌افتم در راه رفتن تو کم در روی می‌آیی این چراست و جواب گفتن شتر او را
  • Story of the mule's complaining to the camel (and saying), "I often fall on my face when going along, while you seldom do so: why is this?" and the camel's answer to him.
  • اشتری را دید روزی استری ** چونک با او جمع شد در آخری
  • One day a mule saw a camel, since he had been put into a stable with him.
  • گفت من بسیار می‌افتم برو ** در گریوه و راه و در بازار و کو
  • He (the mule) said, “I often fall on my face in hill and road and in market and street.
  • خاصه از بالای که تا زیر کوه ** در سر آیم هر زمانی از شکوه
  • Particularly (in descending) from the top of the mountain to the bottom I come down on my head every moment from terror.
  • کم همی‌افتی تو در رو بهر چیست ** یا مگر خود جان پاکت دولتیست 3380
  • Thou dost not fall on thy face: why is it? Or maybe in sooth thy pure spirit is destined to felicity.
  • در سر آیم هر دم و زانو زنم ** پوز و زانو زان خطا پر خون کنم
  • I come down on my head every instant and strike my knees (on the ground): by that slipping I make muzzle and knees all bloody.
  • کژ شود پالان و رختم بر سرم ** وز مکاری هر زمان زخمی خورم
  • My pack-saddle and trappings become awry (lie in disorder) on my head, and I always get a beating from the muleteer;
  • هم‌چو کم عقلی که از عقل تباه ** بشکند توبه بهر دم در گناه
  • Like the unintelligent man who, from corrupt understanding, in (the case of his committing) sin continually breaks (his vow of) penitence.
  • مسخره‌ی ابلیس گردد در زمن ** از ضعیفی رای آن توبه‌شکن
  • Through weakness of resolution that breaker of (vows of) penitence becomes the laughing-stock of Iblís in the world.
  • در سر آید هر زمان چون اسپ لنگ ** که بود بارش گران و راه سنگ 3385
  • He constantly comes down on his head, like a lame horse, for his load is heavy and the road is (full of) stones.