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  • تو ز اولاد زنایی بی‌گمان ** تیر کژ پرد چو بد باشد کمان
  • Thou art one of the children of adultery: without doubt the arrow flies crookedly when the bow is bad.”
  • تصدیق کردن استر جوابهای شتر را و اقرار کردن بفضل او بر خود و ازو استعانت خواستن و بدو پناه گرفتن به صدق و نواختن شتر او را و ره نمودن و یاری دادن پدرانه و شاهانه
  • How the mule declared the replies of the camel to be true and acknowledged his (the camel's) superiority to himself and besought his aid and took refuge with him sincerely; and how the camel treated him with kindness and showed him the way and gave help in fatherly and kingly fashion.
  • گفت استر راست گفتی ای شتر ** این بگفت و چشم کرد از اشک پر
  • The mule said, “Thou hast spoken the truth, O camel.” This he said and filled his eye with tears.
  • ساعتی بگریست و در پایش فتاد ** گفت ای بگزیده‌ی رب العباد
  • He wept awhile and fell at his (the camel's) feet and said, “O chosen of the Lord of men,
  • چه زیان دارد گر از فرخندگی ** در پذیری تو مرا دربندگی
  • What harm will it do if thou, by (favour of) thy blessedness, wilt receive me into thy service?”
  • گفت چون اقرار کردی پیش من ** رو که رستی تو ز آفات زمن 3410
  • He (the camel) said, “Since thou hast made confession in my presence, go (in peace), for thou art saved from the contaminations of Time.
  • دادی انصاف و رهیدی از بلا ** تو عدو بودی شدی ز اهل ولا
  • Thou hast given justice (hast made just amends) and art saved from tribulation: thou wast an enemy, thou hast become one of the leal.
  • خوی بد در ذات تو اصلی نبود ** کز بد اصلی نیاید جز جحود
  • The evil disposition was not original (innate) in thy person; for from original evil comes naught but denial.
  • آن بد عاریتی باشد که او ** آرد اقرار و شود او توبه‌جو
  • The borrowed (temporary) evil is such that he (in whom it appears) makes confession and desires to repent;
  • هم‌چو آدم زلتش عاریه بود ** لاجرم اندر زمان توبه نمود
  • Like Adam, whose lapse was temporary: of necessity he showed penitence at once.
  • چونک اصلی بود جرم آن بلیس ** ره نبودش جانب توبه‌ی نفیس 3415
  • Since the sin of Iblís was original, for him there was no way to precious penitence.