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  • چونک مقصود از وجود اظهار بود ** بایدش از پند و اغوا آزمود
  • Inasmuch as the object of existence was the manifestation (of these two Divine attributes), it must be tested by means of exhorting (to obedience) and leading astray.
  • دیو الحاح غوایت می‌کند ** شیخ‌الحاح هدایت می‌کند
  • The Devil persists to (seducing to) error; the Shaykh persists in guiding aright.
  • چون پیاپی گشت آن امر شجون ** نیل می‌آمد سراسر جمله خون 3590
  • When that grievous command (of God) proceeded step by step (pursued its course), the whole Nile was turned into blood from end to end,
  • تا بنفس خویش فرعون آمدش ** لابه می‌کردش دو تا گشته قدش
  • Till (at last) Pharaoh came in person to him (Moses), humbly entreating him, his tall figure bent double,
  • کانچ ما کردیم ای سلطان مکن ** نیست ما را روی ایراد سخن
  • And said, “O (spiritual) sovereign, do not that which we did we have not the face to offer words (of excuse).
  • پاره پاره گردمت فرمان‌پذیر ** من بعزت خوگرم سختم مگیر
  • I will become obedient to thy command with every bit (of my body); I am accustomed to be held in honour: do not deal hardly with me.
  • هین بجنبان لب به رحمت ای امین ** تا ببندد این دهانه‌ی آتشین
  • Hark, move thy lips in mercy, O trusted one, that it (thy prayer) may shut this fiery mouth (of Divine anger).”
  • گفت یا رب می‌فریبد او مرا ** می‌فریبد او فریبنده‌ی ترا 3595
  • He (Moses) said, “O Lord, he is deceiving me; he is deceiving Thy deceiver.
  • بشنوم یا من دهم هم خدعه‌اش ** تا بداند اصل را آن فرع‌کش
  • Shall I hearken (to him) or shall I too give him deceit (in return), in order that that puller of the branch may recognise the root?
  • که اصل هر مکری و حیلت پیش ماست ** هر چه بر خاکست اصلش از سماست
  • For the root (origin) of every cunning and contrivance is with use: whatsoever is on the earth, its root (origin) is from Heaven.”