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  • موسی و هارون شوند اندر زمین ** مختلط خوش هم‌چو شیر و انگبین
  • And on the earth become (as) Moses and Aaron, sweetly mingled like milk and honey.
  • چون شناسد اندک و منکر شود ** منکری‌اش پرده‌ی ساتر شود
  • When it (my spirit) recognises (thy spirit) a little and (then) denies (it), its denial becomes a veil covering (the truth).
  • پس شناسایی بگردانید رو ** خشم کرد آن مه ز ناشکری او
  • Then knowledge averted its face (from the unbeliever): that Moon was angered by his ingratitude.
  • زین سبب جان نبی را جان بد ** ناشناسا گشت و پشت پای زد
  • Hence the evil spirit became unable to recognise the spirit of the Prophet and turned on its heel.
  • این همه خواندی فرو خوان لم یکن ** تا بدانی لج این گبر کهن 3835
  • You have read all this: read (the Súra beginning with the words) Lam yakun, that you may know the obstinacy of that old infidel.
  • پیش از آنک نقش احمد فر نمود ** نعت او هر گبر را تعویذ بود
  • Ere the (bodily) form of Ahmad (Mohammed) displayed its glory, the description of him (in the Pentateuch and the Gospel) was a phylactery for every infidel.
  • کین چنین کس هست تا آید پدید ** از خیال روش دلشان می‌طپید
  • “There is some one like this” (they said): “(let us wait) till he shall appear”; and their hearts were throbbing at the imagination of (seeing) his face.
  • سجده می‌کردند کای رب بشر ** در عیان آریش هر چه زودتر
  • They were prostrating themselves (in prayer), crying, “O Lord of mankind, wilt Thou bring him before our eyes as quickly as may be?”
  • تا به نام احمد از یستفتحون ** یاغیانشان می‌شدندی سرنگون
  • (This they did) in order that, by asking (God) to grant them victory in the name of Ahmad, their enemies might be overthrown.
  • هر کجا حرب مهولی آمدی ** غوثشان کراری احمد بدی 3840
  • Whenever a formidable war arose, Ahmad's pertinacity in onset was always their succour;