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  • این حکایت گر نشد آنجا تمام ** چارمین جلدست آرش در نظام
  • If this story was not finished there (in the Third Book), ’tis (now) the Fourth Volume: set it out in order.
  • تمامی حکایت آن عاشق که از عسس گریخت در باغی مجهول خود معشوق را در باغ یافت و عسس را از شادی دعای خیر می‌کرد و می‌گفت کی عسی ان تکرهوا شیا و هو خیر لکم
  • Conclusion of the story of the lover who fled from the night-patrol into an orchard unknown to him, and for joy at finding his beloved in the orchard called down blessings on the night-patrol and said, "It may be that ye loathe a thing although it is better for you."
  • اندر آن بودیم کان شخص از عسس ** راند اندر باغ از خوفی فرس 40
  • We were at the point (of the story) where that person (fled) in terror from the night-patrol (and) galloped into the orchard.
  • بود اندر باغ آن صاحب‌جمال ** کز غمش این در عنا بد هشت سال
  • In the orchard was the beauteous one for love of whom this (youth) had been in tribulation eight years.
  • سایه‌ی او را نبود امکان دید ** هم‌چو عنقا وصف او را می‌شنید
  • He had no possibility of seeing (even) her shadow: he was (only) hearing the description of her, as (of) the ‘Anqá,
  • جز یکی لقیه که اول از قضا ** بر وی افتاد و شد او را دلربا
  • Except (for) one meeting which happened to him by (Divine) destiny at the first and enravished his heart.
  • بعد از آن چندان که می‌کوشید او ** خود مجالش می‌نداد آن تندخو
  • After that, however much effort he made, in sooth that cruel one would give him no opportunity.
  • نه بلا به چاره بودش نه به مال ** چشم پر و بی‌طمع بود آن نهال 45
  • Neither entreaty nor wealth availed him: that (fresh) sapling was fully satisfied and without desire.
  • عاشق هر پیشه‌ای و مطلبی ** حق بیالود اول کارش لبی
  • (In the case of) the lover of any craft or object of pursuit, God has touched his lip (with honey or the like) at the beginning of the affair;
  • چون بدان آسیب در جست آمدند ** پیش پاشان می‌نهد هر روز بند
  • (But) when at that contact they have entered upon the quest, He lays a snare before their feet every day.
  • چون در افکندش بجست و جوی کار ** بعد از آن در بست که کابین بیار
  • When He has plunged him (the lover) into search for the matter (which he has at heart), after that He shuts the door, saying, “Bring the dowry.”