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  • بس کسانی کز جهان بگذشته‌اند ** لا نیند و در صفات آغشته‌اند
  • Those persons, then, who have passed from the world are not naught (nonexistent), but they are steeped in the (Divine) Attributes.
  • در صفات حق صفات جمله‌شان ** هم‌چو اختر پیش آن خور بی‌نشان
  • All their attributes are (absorbed) in the Attributes of God, even as the star is (left) without trace in the presence of the sun.
  • گر ز قرآن نقل خواهی ای حرون ** خوان جمیع هم لدینا محضرون
  • If you demand a citation from the Qur’án, O recalcitrant, recite all of them shall be brought into Our presence.
  • محضرون معدوم نبود نیک بین ** تا بقای روحها دانی یقین 445
  • (The person denoted by the word) muhdarún (brought into the presence) is not non-existent (ma‘dúm). Consider (this) well, that you may gain certain knowledge of the everlasting life (baqá) of the spirits.
  • روح محجوب از بقا بس در عذاب ** روح واصل در بقا پاک از حجاب
  • The spirit debarred from everlasting life is exceedingly tormented; the spirit united (with God) in everlasting life is free from (every) barrier.
  • زین چراغ حس حیوان المراد ** گفتمت هان تا نجویی اتحاد
  • I have told you the purpose of this lamp of animal sense-perception. Beware of seeking to become one (with it in spirit).
  • روح خود را متصل کن ای فلان ** زود با ارواح قدس سالکان
  • Make your spirit, O such-and-such, to be united speedily with the holy spirits of the Travellers (on the mystic Way).
  • صد چراغت ار مرند ار بیستند ** پس جدا اند و یگانه نیستند
  • Your hundred lamps, then, whether they die (are extinguished) or whether they stand (and burn), are separate (from each other) and are not single.
  • زان همه جنگند این اصحاب ما ** جنگ کس نشنید اندر انبیا 450
  • On that account these companions of ours are all at war, (but) no one (ever) heard of war amongst the prophets,
  • زانک نور انبیا خورشید بود ** نور حس ما چراغ و شمع و دود
  • Because the light of the prophets was the Sun, (while) the light of our senses is lamp and candle and smoke.