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  • اندرین آهنگ منگر سست و پست ** کاندرین ره صبر و شق انفسست
  • Do not look scornfully and contemptuously on this quest, for in this Way there is (need of) self-denial and grievous anguish to (men's) souls.
  • بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی بنای مسجد اقصی
  • The rest of the Story of the building of the Farther Mosque.
  • چون سلیمان کرد آغاز بنا ** پاک چون کعبه همایون چون منی
  • When Solomon began the building—holy like the Ka’ba, august like Miná—
  • در بنااش دیده می‌شد کر و فر ** نی فسرده چون بناهای دگر
  • In his building were seen splendour and magnificence: it was not frigid (dull and lifeless) like other buildings.
  • در بنا هر سنگ کز که می‌سکست ** فاش سیروا بی‌همی گفت از نخست
  • From the first, every stone in the building—(every stone) that was broken off from the mountain—was saying clearly, “Take me along!”
  • هم‌چو از آب و گل آدم‌کده ** نور ز آهک پاره‌ها تابان شده 470
  • As from the water and earth of the house (bodily tenement) of Adam, (so) did light shine forth from the pieces of mortar.
  • سنگ بی‌حمال آینده شده ** وان در و دیوارها زنده شده
  • The stones were coming without carrier, and those doors and walls had become living.
  • حق همی‌گوید که دیوار بهشت ** نیست چون دیوارها بی‌جان و زشت
  • God saith that the ‘wall of Paradise is not lifeless and ugly like (other) walls;
  • چون در و دیوار تن با آگهیست ** زنده باشد خانه چون شاهنشهیست
  • Like the door and wall of the body, it is (endowed) with intelligence: the house (Paradise) is living since it belongs to the King of kings.
  • هم درخت و میوه هم آب زلال ** با بهشتی در حدیث و در مقال
  • Both tree and fruit and limpid water (take part) with the in habitant of Paradise in conversation and discourse,
  • زانک جنت را نه ز آلت بسته‌اند ** بلک از اعمال و نیت بسته‌اند 475
  • Because Paradise has not been fashioned out of (the builder’s) materials; nay, but it has been fashioned out of (good) deeds and intentions.