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  • گفت اگر پایه‌ی سوم را بسپرم ** وهم آید که مثال عمرم
  • He replied, “If I tread on the third step, it will be imagined that I resemble ‘Umar;
  • بر دوم پایه شوم من جای‌جو ** گویی بوبکرست و این هم مثل او
  • (And if) I seek a seat on the second step, thou wilt say, ‘’Tis (the seat of) Abú Bakr, and (therefore) this one too is like him.’
  • هست این بالا مقام مصطفی ** وهم مثلی نیست با آن شه مرا 495
  • This top (of the pulpit) is the place of Mustafá (Mohammed): no one will imagine that I am like that (spiritual) King.”
  • بعد از آن بر جای خطبه آن ودود ** تا به قرب عصر لب‌خاموش بود
  • Afterwards, (seated) in the preaching-place, that loving man kept silence till near the (time of the) afternoon-prayer.
  • زهره نه کس را که گوید هین بخوان ** یا برون آید ز مسجد آن زمان
  • None dared to say “Come now, preach!” or to go forth from the mosque during that time.
  • هیبتی بنشسته بد بر خاص و عام ** پر شده نور خدا آن صحن و بام
  • An awe had settled (descended) on high and low (alike): the court and roof (of the mosque) had become filled with the Light of God.
  • هر که بینا ناظر نورش بدی ** کور زان خورشید هم گرم آمدی
  • Whoever possessed vision was beholding His Light; the blind man too was being heated by that Sun.
  • پس ز گرمی فهم کردی چشم کور ** که بر آمد آفتابی بی‌فتور 500
  • Hence, by reason of the heat, the blind man's eye was perceiving that there had arisen a Sun whose strength faileth not.
  • لیک این گرمی گشاید دیده را ** تا ببیند عین هر بشنیده را
  • But this heat (unlike the heat of the terrestrial sun) opens the (inward) eye, that it may see the very substance of everything heard.
  • گرمیش را ضجرتی و حالتی ** زان تبش دل را گشادی فسحتی
  • Its heat has (as effect) a grievous agitation and emotion, (but) from that glow there comes to the heart a joyous (sense of) freedom, an expansion.