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  • که آن نظر نوری و این ناری بود ** نار پیش نور بس تاری بود
  • For that vision is luminous, while these (sunbeams) are igneous: fire is very dark in comparison with light.
  • کرامات و نور شیخ عبدالله مغربی قدس الله سره
  • The miraculous gifts and illumination of Shaykh ‘Abdullah Maghribí, may God sanctify his spirit.
  • گفت عبدالله شیخ مغربی ** شصت سال از شب ندیدم من شبی
  • Shaykh ‘Abdullah Maghribí said, “During sixty years I never perceived in night the quality of night.
  • من ندیدم ظلمتی در شصت سال ** نه به روز و نه به شب نه ز اعتلال
  • During sixty years I never experienced any darkness, neither by day nor by night nor from infirmity.”
  • صوفیان گفتند صدق قال او ** شب همی‌رفتیم در دنبال او 600
  • The Súfís declared his words to be true: “During the night we would follow him
  • در بیابانهای پر از خار و گو ** او چو ماه بدر ما را پیش‌رو
  • Into deserts filled with thorns and ditches, he going in front of us like the full moon.
  • روی پس ناکرده می‌گفتی به شب ** هین گو آمد میل کن در سوی چپ
  • Without looking behind him, he would say, (though it was) at night-time, ‘Hark! here is a ditch: turn to the left!’
  • باز گفتی بعد یک دم سوی راست ** میل کن زیرا که خاری پیش پاست
  • Then, after a little while, he would say, ‘Turn to the right, because a thorn is before your feet.’
  • روز گشتی پاش را ما پای‌بوس ** گشته و پایش چو پاهای عروس
  • Day would break: we would come to kiss his foot, and his foot would be like the feet of a bride,
  • نه ز خاک و نه ز گل بر وی اثر ** نه از خراش خار و آسیب حجر 605
  • No trace of earth or mud on it, none of scratch from thorns or bruise from stones.”
  • مغربی را مشرقی کرده خدای ** کرده مغرب را چو مشرق نورزای
  • God made the Maghribí a Mashriqí: He made the place of sunset (maghrib) light-producing like the place of sunrise (mashriq).