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  • گرچه گردد در قیامت آن فزون ** از خدا اینجا بخواهید آزمون
  • Although that (light) will be increased at the Resurrection, (yet) beg of God (to grant thee) trial (of it) here;
  • کو ببخشد هم به میغ و هم به ماغ ** نور جان والله اعلم بالبلاغ
  • For He bestows spiritual light both on cloud and mist, and God best knoweth how to impart (it).
  • بازگردانیدن سلیمان علیه‌السلام رسولان بلقیس را به آن هدیه‌ها کی آورده بودند سوی بلقیس و دعوت کردن بلقیس را به ایمان و ترک آفتاب‌پرستی
  • How Solomon, on whom be peace, bade the envoys of Bilqís return to her with the gifts which they had brought; and how he called Bilqís to (accept) the Faith and to abandon sun-worship.
  • باز گردید ای رسولان خجل ** زر شما را دل به من آرید دل
  • “O shamefaced envoys, turn back! The gold is yours: bring unto me the heart, the (pure) heart!
  • این زر من بر سر آن زر نهید ** کوری تن فرج استر را دهید 615
  • Lay this gold of mine on the top of that gold (of yours): date corporis caecitatem pudendo mulae.” [Lay this gold of mine on the top of that gold (of yours): give the body’s blindness (its blind desire for gold) to a (female) mule’s private part.”]
  • فرج استر لایق حلقه‌ی زرست ** زر عاشق روی زرد اصفرست
  • Annulo aureo pudendum mulae idoneum est; the lover’s gold is the pallid yellow countenance; [A mule’s private part is suitable (as a hiding place) for a ring of gold; the lover’s gold is the pallid yellow countenance;]
  • که نظرگاه خداوندست آن ** کز نظرانداز خورشیدست کان
  • For that (countenance) is the object of the Lord’s regard, while the mine (of gold) results from the sun’s casting looks (of favour).
  • کو نظرگاه شعاع آفتاب ** کو نظرگاه خداوند لباب
  • How can (that which is) the sunbeams’ object of regard be compared with (that which is) an object of regard to the Lord of the quintessence’?
  • از گرفت من ز جان اسپر کنید ** گرچه اکنون هم گرفتار منید
  • “Make of your souls a shield against my taking (you) captive, though (in truth) ye are my captives even now.”
  • مرغ فتنه دانه بر بامست او ** پر گشاده بسته‌ی دامست او 620
  • The bird tempted by the bait is (still) on the roof: with wings outspread, it is (nevertheless) imprisoned in the trap.
  • چون به دانه داد او دل را به جان ** ناگرفته مر ورا بگرفته دان
  • Inasmuch as with (all) its soul it has given its heart to (has become enamoured of) the bait, deem it caught, (though apparently it is still) uncaught.