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  • چون کشیدت آن نظر اندر پیم ** پس بدانی کز تو من غافل نیم
  • When those looks have drawn thee after me, then thou wilt know that I am not inattentive to thee.”
  • قصه‌ی عطاری کی سنگ ترازوی او گل سرشوی بود و دزدیدن مشتری گل خوار از آن گل هنگام سنجیدن شکر دزدیده و پنهان
  • Story of the druggist whose balance-weight was clay for washing the head; and how a customer, who was a clay-eater, stole some of that clay covertly and secretly, whilst sugar was being weighed.
  • پیش عطاری یکی گل‌خوار رفت ** تا خرد ابلوج قند خاص زفت 625
  • A certain clay-eater went to a druggist to buy (a quantity of) fine hard sugar-loaf.
  • پس بر عطار طرار دودل ** موضع سنگ ترازو بود گل
  • Now, at the druggist's, (who was) a crafty vigilant man, in place of the balance-weight there was clay.
  • گفت گل سنگ ترازوی منست ** گر ترا میل شکر بخریدنست
  • He said, “If you want to buy sugar, my balance-weight is clay.”
  • گفت هستم در مهمی قندجو ** سنگ میزان هر چه خواهی باش گو
  • He (the customer) said, “I am requiring sugar for an urgent affair: let the balance-weight be whatever you wish.”
  • گفت با خود پیش آنک گل‌خورست ** سنگ چه بود گل نکوتر از زرست
  • To himself he said, “What does the weight matter to one that eats clay? Clay is better than gold.”
  • هم‌چو آن دلاله که گفت ای پسر ** نو عروسی یافتم بس خوب‌فر 630
  • As the dallála (go-between) who said, “O son, I have found a very beautiful new bride (for you).
  • سخت زیبا لیک هم یک چیز هست ** که آن ستیره دختر حلواگرست
  • (She is) exceedingly pretty, but there is just one thing, that the lady is a confectioner's daughter.”
  • گفت بهتر این چنین خود گر بود ** دختر او چرب و شیرین‌تر بود
  • “(All the) better,” said he; “if it is indeed so, his daughter will be fatter and sweeter.”
  • گر نداری سنگ و سنگت از گلست ** این به و به گل مرا میوه‌ی دلست
  • “If you have no (proper) weight and your weight is of clay, this is better and better: clay is the fruit (desired) of my heart.”