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  • ای که تو طالب نه‌ای تو هم بیا ** تا طلب یابی ازین یار وفا 725
  • O thou who art not a seeker, come thou also, that thou mayst gain (the gift of) seeking (felicity) from this faithful Friend.
  • سبب هجرت ابراهیم ادهم قدس الله سره و ترک ملک خراسان
  • The cause of the emigration of (Ibráhím son of) Adham, may God sanctify his spirit, and his abandoning the kingdom of Khurásán.
  • ملک برهم زن تو ادهم‌وار زود ** تا بیابی هم‌چو او ملک خلود
  • Quickly dash to pieces the kingdom (of this world), like (Ibráhím son of) Adham, that like him thou mayst gain the kingdom of everlasting life.
  • خفته بود آن شه شبانه بر سریر ** حارسان بر بام اندر دار و گیر
  • At night that king was asleep on his throne, (while) on the roof (of the palace) the guards were exercising authority.
  • قصد شه از حارسان آن هم نبود ** که کند زان دفع دزدان و رنود
  • The king's purpose in (having) the guards was not that he might thereby keep off robbers and ne’er-do-wells.
  • او همی دانست که آن کو عادلست ** فارغست از واقعه آمن دلست
  • He knew that the man who is just is free from (fear of) attack and secure in his heart.
  • عدل باشد پاسبان گامها ** نه به شب چوبک‌زنان بر بامها 730
  • Justice is the guardian of pleasures; not men who beat their rattles on the roofs at night.
  • لیک بد مقصودش از بانگ رباب ** هم‌چو مشتاقان خیال آن خطاب
  • But his object in (listening to) the sound of the rebeck was, like (that of) ardent lovers (of God), (to bring into his mind) the phantasy of that (Divine) allocution;
  • ناله‌ی سرنا و تهدید دهل ** چیزکی ماند بدان ناقور کل
  • (For) the shrill noise of the clarion and the menace of the drum somewhat resemble that universal trumpet.
  • پس حکیمان گفته‌اند این لحنها ** از دوار چرخ بگرفتیم ما
  • Hence philosophers have said that we received these harmonies from the revolution of the (celestial) sphere,
  • بانگ گردشهای چرخست این که خلق ** می‌سرایندش به طنبور و به حلق
  • (And that) this (melody) which people sing with pandore and throat is the sound of the revolutions of the sphere;