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  • آتش عشق از نواها گشت تیز ** آن چنان که آتش آن جوزریز
  • The fire of love is made keen (inflamed) by melodies, just as the fire (ardour) of the man who dropped walnuts (into the water).
  • حکایت آن مرد تشنه کی از سر جوز بن جوز می‌ریخت در جوی آب کی در گو بود و به آب نمی‌رسید تا به افتادن جوز بانگ آب# بشنود و او را چو سماع خوش بانگ آب اندر طرب می‌آورد
  • Story of the thirsty man who dropped walnuts from the top of a walnut-tree into the water-brook that was in the hollow, without reaching the water (himself), in order that he might hear the sound made by the walnuts falling on the water, which thrilled him with joy as (though it were) sweet music.
  • در نغولی بود آب آن تشنه راند ** بر درخت جوز جوزی می‌فشاند 745
  • The water was in a deep place: the thirsty man went up the tree and scattered the walnuts one by one.
  • می‌فتاد از جوزبن جوز اندر آب ** بانگ می‌آمد همی دید او حباب
  • The walnuts were falling from the walnut-tree into the water: the sound was coming (to his ears), and he was seeing the bubbles.
  • عاقلی گفتش که بگذار ای فتی ** جوزها خود تشنگی آرد ترا
  • A sensible person said to him, “Leave off, O youth: truly the (loss of the) walnuts will bring thirst (regret) to you.
  • بیشتر در آب می‌افتد ثمر ** آب در پستیست از تو دور در
  • The more the fruit falls into the water—(since) the water is below at a (great) distance from you,
  • تا تو از بالا فرو آیی به زور ** آب جویش برده باشد تا به دور
  • The river-water will have carried it (the fruit) far away before you with effort come down from the top (of the tree).”
  • گفت قصدم زین فشاندن جوز نیست ** تیزتر بنگر برین ظاهر مه‌ایست 750
  • He replied, “My purpose in this scattering is not (to obtain possession of) the walnuts: look more keenly, do not stop at this superficial (view).
  • قصد من آنست که آید بانگ آب ** هم ببینم بر سر آب این حباب
  • My purpose is that the sound of the water should come (to my ears); also, that I should see these bubbles on the surface of the water.”
  • تشنه را خود شغل چه بود در جهان ** گرد پای حوض گشتن جاودان
  • What, indeed, is the thirsty man's business in the world? To circle for ever round the base of the tank,
  • گرد جو و گرد آب و بانگ آب ** هم‌چو حاجی طایف کعبه‌ی صواب
  • Round the channel and round the Water and the sound of the Water, like a pilgrim circumambulating the Ka‘ba of Truth.