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  • هر چه مکرو هست چون شد او دلیل ** سوی محبوبت حبیبست و خلیل 80
  • Whatsoever is loathed is a lover and friend when it becomes thy guide towards thy beloved.
  • حکایت آن واعظ کی هر آغاز تذکیر دعای ظالمان و سخت‌دلان و بی‌اعتقادان کردی
  • Story of the preacher who at the beginning of every exhortation used to pray for the unjust and hard-hearted and irreligious.
  • آن یکی واعظ چو بر تخت آمدی ** قاطعان راه را داعی شدی
  • A certain preacher, whenever he mounted the pulpit, would begin to pray for the highway robbers (who plunder and maltreat the righteous).
  • دست برمی‌داشت یا رب رحم ران ** بر بدان و مفسدان و طاغیان
  • He would lift up his hand, (crying), “O Lord, let mercy fall upon evil men and corrupters and insolent transgressors,
  • بر همه تسخرکنان اهل خیر ** برهمه کافردلان و اهل دیر
  • Upon all who make a mock of the good people, upon all whose hearts are unbelieving and those who dwell in the Christian monastery.”
  • می‌نکردی او دعا بر اصفیا ** می‌نکردی جز خبیثان را دعا
  • He would not pray for the pure; he would pray for none but the wicked.
  • مر ورا گفتند کین معهود نیست ** دعوت اهل ضلالت جود نیست 85
  • They said to him, “This is unknown (extraordinary): ’tis no generosity to pray for the people of unrighteousness.”
  • گفت نیکویی ازینها دیده‌ام ** من دعاشان زین سبب بگزیده‌ام
  • He replied, “I have seen (experienced) goodness from these folk: for this reason I have chosen to pray for them.
  • خبث و ظلم و جور چندان ساختند ** که مرا از شر به خیر انداختند
  • They wrought so much wickedness and injustice and oppression that they cast (drove) me forth from evil into good.
  • هر گهی که رو به دنیا کردمی ** من ازیشان زخم و ضربت خوردمی
  • Whenever I turned my face towards this world, I suffered blows and beating from them,
  • کردمی از زخم آن جانب پناه ** باز آوردندمی گرگان به راه
  • And took refuge from the blows Yonder: the wolves were always bringing me back into the (right) Way.