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  • هم‌چنان می‌رو ز هدهد تا عقاب ** ره نما والله اعلم بالصواب
  • Even so proceed from the hoopoe to the eagle, and show the way. And God best knoweth the right course.
  • آزاد شدن بلقیس از ملک و مست شدن او از شوق ایمان و التفات همت او از همه‌ی ملک منقطع شدن وقت هجرت الا از تخت
  • How Bilqís was freed from her kingdom and was intoxicated with longing for the Faith, and how at the moment of her (spiritual) emigration the regard of her desire became severed from the whole of her kingdom except from her throne.
  • چون سلیمان سوی مرغان سبا ** یک صفیری کرد بست آن جمله را
  • When Solomon uttered a single whistling note to the birds of Sabá he ensnared them all,
  • جز مگر مرغی که بد بی‌جان و پر ** یا چو ماهی گنگ بود از اصل کر 860
  • Except, maybe, the bird that was without spirit or wings, or was dumb and deaf, like a fish, from the beginning.
  • نی غلط گفتم که کر گر سر نهد ** پیش وحی کبریا سمعش دهد
  • Nay, I have spoken wrongly, for if the deaf one lay his head before the inspiration of the Divine Majesty, it will give to him (the power of) hearing.
  • چونک بلقیس از دل و جان عزم کرد ** بر زمان رفته هم افسوس خورد
  • When Bilqís set out (from Sabá) with heart and soul, she felt remorse too for the bygone time,
  • ترک مال و ملک کرد او آن چنان ** که بترک نام و ننگ آن عاشقان
  • She took leave of her kingdom and riches in the same way as those lovers (of God) take leave of honour and disgrace (reputation).
  • آن غلامان و کنیزان بناز ** پیش چشمش هم‌چو پوسیده پیاز
  • Those charming pages and handmaidens (of hers seemed) to her eye (loathly) as a rotten onion.
  • باغها و قصرها و آب رود ** پیش چشم از عشق گلحن می‌نمود 865
  • For love’s sake, orchards and palaces and river-water seemed to her eye (contemptible as) a dunghill.
  • عشق در هنگام استیلا و خشم ** زشت گرداند لطیفان را به چشم
  • Love, in the hour of domination and anger, makes the pleasing ones to become hideous to the eye.
  • هر زمرد را نماید گندنا ** غیرت عشق این بود معنی لا
  • Love’s jealousy causes every emerald to appear as a leek: this is the (inner) meaning of Lá.