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  • گرچه این کلک قلم خود بی‌حسیست ** نیست جنس کاتب او را مونسیست 875
  • Although this reed-pen is in fact an insensible thing and is not homogeneous with the writer, (yet) it is a familiar friend to him.
  • هم‌چنین هر آلت پیشه‌وری ** هست بی‌جان مونس جانوری
  • Likewise, every tool of a craftsman is, (though) lifeless, the familiar friend of the spirit of Man.
  • این سبب را من معین گفتمی ** گر نبودی چشم فهمت را نمی
  • This reason I would have explained precisely, if there were not some moisture (dimness) in the eye of your understanding.
  • از بزرگی تخت کز حد می‌فزود ** نقل کردن تخت را امکان نبود
  • There was no possibility of transporting the throne (from Sabá) because of its hugeness which exceeded (all) bounds.
  • خرده کاری بود و تفریقش خطر ** هم‌چو اوصال بدن با همدگر
  • It was filigree work, and there was danger in taking it to pieces, (since its parts were joined) like the limbs of the body with one another.
  • پس سلیمان گفت گر چه فی‌الاخیر ** سرد خواهد شد برو تاج و سریر 880
  • Therefore Solomon said, “Although in the end the diadem and throne will become chilling (repulsive) to her”—
  • چون ز وحدت جان برون آرد سری ** جسم را با فر او نبود فری
  • (For) when the spirit puts forth its head (manifests itself) from the Unity (to which it has attained), in comparison with its splendour the body hath no splendour (at all);
  • چون برآید گوهر از قعر بحار ** بنگری اندر کف و خاشاک خوار
  • سر بر آرد آفتاب با شرر ** دم عقرب را کی سازد مستقر
  • (When) the flaming sun lifts up its head, who will make Scorpio’s tail his resting—place’?—
  • لیک خود با این همه بر نقد حال ** جست باید تخت او را انتقال
  • “Yet, notwithstanding all this, in the actual case (the means of) transporting her throne (hither) must be sought,