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  • او که مضطر این چنین ترسان شدست ** تا که بر مجرم چه‌ها خواهند بست
  • That one that was under compulsion has become so afraid: consider (then) what (terrible) things will be fastened upon the guilty!
  • خبر یافتن جد مصطفی عبدالمطلب از گم کردن حلیمه محمد را علیه‌السلام و طالب شدن او گرد شهر و نالیدن او بر در کعبه و از حق درخواستن و یافتن او محمد را علیه‌السلام
  • How ‘Abdu ’l-Muttalib, the grandfather of Mustafá (Mohammed), got news of Halíma's having lost Mohammed, on whom be peace, and searched for him round the city and made lamentation at the door of the Ka‘ba and besought God and found him (Mohammed), on whom be peace.
  • چون خبر یابید جد مصطفی ** از حلیمه وز فغانش بر ملا
  • When the grandfather of Mustafá got the news of Halíma and her outcry in public
  • وز چنان بانگ بلند و نعره‌ها ** که بمیلی می‌رسید از وی صدا
  • And of such loud screams and shrieks that the echo of them was reaching to (the distance of) a mile,
  • زود عبدالمطلب دانست چیست ** دست بر سینه همی‌زد می‌گریست 985
  • ‘Abdu ’l-Muttalib at once knew what was the matter: he beat his hands on his breast and wept.
  • آمد از غم بر در کعبه بسوز ** کای خبیر از سر شب وز راز روز
  • In his grief he came ardently to the door of the Ka‘ba, saying, “O Thou that knowest the secret of night and the mystery of day,
  • خویشتن را من نمی‌بینم فنی ** تا بود هم‌راز تو هم‌چون منی
  • I see not any accomplishment in myself, that one like me should be Thy confidant.
  • خویشتن را من نمی‌بینم هنر ** تا شوم مقبول این مسعود در
  • I see not any merit in myself, that I should be accepted of this auspicious door,
  • یا سر و سجده‌ی مرا قدری بود ** یا باشکم دولتی خندان شود
  • Or that my (bowed) head and my prostration (in prayer) should have any worth, or that because of my tears any fortune should smile (upon me);
  • لیک در سیمای آن در یتیم ** دیده‌ام آثار لطفت ای کریم 990
  • But in the countenance of that unique Pearl (Mohammed) I have beheld the signs of Thy grace, O Bounteous One;
  • که نمی‌ماند به ما گرچه ز ماست ** ما همه مسیم و احمد کیمیاست
  • For he doth not resemble us, though he is of us: we all are (as) the copper, while Ahmad (Mohammed) is the Elixir.