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  • آنک فضل تو درین طفلیش داد ** کس نشان ندهد به صد ساله جهاد
  • None, (even) with a hundred years' endeavour, would (be able to) indicate that which Thy bounty has bestowed on him in childhood.
  • چون یقین دیدم عنایتهای تو ** بر وی او دریست از دریای تو
  • Since I saw with (intuitive) certainty Thy favours towards him, (I know that) he is a pearl of Thy sea.
  • من هم او را می شفیع آرم به تو ** حال او ای حال‌دان با من بگو 995
  • Him I bring (forward) to plead with Thee: tell me his plight, O Thou who knowest (every) plight!”
  • از درون کعبه آمد بانگ زود ** که هم‌اکنون رخ به تو خواهد نمود
  • From within the Ka‘ba came at once a cry, “Even now he will show his face unto thee.
  • با دو صد اقبال او محظوظ ماست ** با دو صد طلب ملک محفوظ ماست
  • He is blessed by Us with two hundred felicities, he is guarded by Us with two hundred troops of angels.
  • ظاهرش را شهره‌ی گیهان کنیم ** باطنش را از همه پنهان کنیم
  • We make his outward (appearance) celebrated in the world; We make his inward (reality) to be hidden from all.
  • زر کان بود آب و گل ما زرگریم ** که گهش خلخال و گه خاتم بریم
  • The water and clay was (like) gold of the mine: We are the goldsmith; for We carve it now into an anklet, now into a seal.
  • گه حمایلهای شمشیرش کنیم ** گاه بند گردن شیرش کنیم 1000
  • Now We make it the shoulder-belt for a sword, now the chain on the neck of a lion.
  • گه ترنج تخت بر سازیم ازو ** گاه تاج فرقهای ملک‌جو
  • Now We fashion from it the ball (on the top) of a throne, now the diadem on the heads (of them) that seek empire.
  • عشقها داریم با این خاک ما ** زانک افتادست در قعده‌ی رضا
  • We have great affections towards this earth, because it lies in the posture of acquiescence.