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  • قل اعوذت خواند باید کای احد  ** هین ز نفاثات افغان وز عقد 
  • Thou must recite Say, I take refuge, crying, “O (Thou who art) One, come, save me from the witches and from (their) knots.
  • می‌دمند اندر گره آن ساحرات  ** الغیاث المستغاث از برد و مات 
  • These sorceresses are blowing on the knots: help, O Thou whose help is besought against (the world's) victory and checkmate.”
  • لیک بر خوان از زبان فعل نیز  ** که زبان قول سستست ای عزیز 
  • But invoke (Him) with the tongue of deeds also, for the tongue of words is weak, O honourable man.
  • در زمانه مر ترا سه همره‌اند  ** آن یکی وافی و این دو غدرمند  1045
  • In the world thou hast three fellow-travellers: one is faithful and these two (others) are treacherous.
  • آن یکی یاران و دیگر رخت و مال  ** وآن سوم وافیست و آن حسن الفعال 
  • One (of the latter) is friends and the other is goods and chattels; and the third (fellow-traveller) is faithful, and that one is excellence in deeds.
  • مال ناید با تو بیرون از قصور  ** یار آید لیک آید تا به گور 
  • (Thy) wealth will not come with thee out of thy palaces; (thy) friend will come, but he will come (only) as far as thy grave.
  • چون ترا روز اجل آید به پیش  ** یار گوید از زبان حال خویش 
  • When thy day of doom comes to meet thee, thy friend will say (to himself) in the language appropriate to his sentiments,
  • تا بدینجا بیش همره نیستم  ** بر سر گورت زمانی بیستم 
  • “(I have come) as far as here: I accompany thee no farther, I will stand a (little) while at thy grave.”
  • فعل تو وافیست زو کن ملتحد  ** که در آید با تو در قعر لحد  1050
  • Thy deeds (alone) are faithful: make of them thy refuge, for they will come with thee into the depths of the tomb.
  • در تفسیر قول مصطفی علیه‌السلام لا بد من قرین یدفن معک و هو حی و تدفن معه و انت میت ان کان کریما اکرمک و ان کان لیما اسلمک و ذلک القرین عملک فاصلحه ما استطعت صدق رسول‌الله 
  • Commentary on the saying of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, “Thou must needs have a familiar who is buried with thee, he being alive, and with whom thou art buried when thou art dead; if he be generous, he will treat thee generously, and if he be base, he will forsake thee. That familiar is thy works, so make them right as far as thou art able.” The Messenger of Allah spake the truth.
  • پس پیمبر گفت بهر این طریق  ** باوفاتر از عمل نبود رفیق 
  • Therefore the Prophet said, “For the purpose of (traversing) this Way there is no comrade more faithful than works.