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  • بند چشم اوست هم چشم بدش  ** عین رفع سد او گشته سدش 
  • His bad (sensual) eye is a bandage on his (inward) eye: his very (awareness of) removing the barrier has become a barrier for him.
  • بند گوش او شده هم هوش او  ** هوش با حق دار ای مدهوش او 
  • His (self-)consciousness has become the plug of his (inward) ear: keep thy consciousness (directed) towards God (alone), O thou who art bewildered in Him.
  • در تفسیر قول مصطفی علیه‌السلام من جعل الهموم هما واحدا کفاه الله سائر همومه و من تفرقت به الهموم لا یبالی الله فی ای واد اهلکه 
  • Commentary on the saying of Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, “Whosoever shall make his cares one care, God will relieve him of all his cares; and whosoever is distracted by his cares, God will not care in what valley He destroys him.”
  • هوش را توزیع کردی بر جهات  ** می‌نیرزد تره‌ای آن ترهات 
  • Thou hast distributed thy consciousness in (all) directions: those vanities of thine are not worth a cress.
  • آب هش را می‌کشد هر بیخ خار  ** آب هوشت چون رسد سوی ثمار  1085
  • Every thorn-root draws the water of thy consciousness (towards itself): how should the water of thy consciousness reach the fruit?
  • هین بزن آن شاخ بد را خو کنش  ** آب ده این شاخ خوش را نو کنش 
  • Hark, smite that evil bough, lop it off: water this goodly bough, refresh it.
  • هر دو سبزند این زمان آخر نگر  ** کین شود باطل از آن روید ثمر 
  • Both are green at this (present) time, (but) look to the end (and see) that this one will come to naught, (while) fruit will grow from that one.
  • آب باغ این را حلال آن را حرام  ** فرق را آخر ببینی والسلام 
  • To this one the water in the orchard is lawful, to that one (it is) unlawful. In the end thou wilt see the difference, and (so) farewell.
  • عدل چه بود آب ده اشجار را  ** ظلم چه بود آب دادن خار را 
  • What is justice? Giving water to trees. What is injustice? To give water to thorns.
  • عدل وضع نعمتی در موضعش  ** نه بهر بیخی که باشد آبکش  1090
  • Justice is (consists in) bestowing a bounty in its proper place, not on every root that will absorb water.
  • ظلم چه بود وضع در ناموضعی  ** که نباشد جز بلا را منبعی 
  • What is injustice? To bestow (it) in an improper place that can only be a source of calamity.