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  • گر دلت را نان بدی یا چاشتی  ** از خریداران فراغت داشتی 
  • If thy heart had any (spiritual) bread or breakfast, it would have been empty of (desire for worldly) purchasers.
  • قصه‌ی آن شخص کی دعوی پیغامبری می‌کرد گفتندش چه خورده‌ای کی گیج شده‌ای و یاوه می‌گویی گفت اگر چیزی یافتمی کی خوردمی نه گیج شدمی و نه یاوه گفتمی کی هر سخن نیک کی با غیر اهلش گویند یاوه گفته باشند اگر چه در آن یاوه گفتن مامورند 
  • Story of the person who claimed to be a prophet. They said to him, “What hast thou eaten that thou hast become crazy and art talking in vain?” He replied, “If I had found anything to eat, I should not have become crazy and talked in vain”; for whenever they (the prophets and saints) speak goodly words to people unworthy to hear them, they will have talked in vain, although they are (divinely) commanded to talk thus in vain.
  • آن یکی می‌گفت من پیغامبرم  ** از همه پیغامبران فاضلترم 
  • A certain man was saying, “I am a prophet: I am superior to all the prophets.”
  • گردنش بستند و بردندش به شاه  ** کین همی گوید رسولم از اله  1120
  • They bound his neck and took him to the king, saying, “This man says he is a prophet sent by God.”
  • خلق بر وی جمع چون مور و ملخ  ** که چه مکرست و چه تزویر و چه فخ 
  • The people (were) gathered round him (thick) as ants and locusts, crying, “What deceit and imposture and trap is (this)?
  • گر رسول آنست که آید از عدم  ** ما همه پیغامبریم و محتشم 
  • If he that comes from (the realm of) non-existence is a prophet, we all are prophets and grand (in spiritual eminence).
  • ما از آنجا آمدیم اینجا غریب  ** تو چرا مخصوص باشی ای ادیب 
  • We (too) came hither as strangers from that place (realm): why shouldst thou be specially endowed (with prophecy), O accomplished one?”
  • نه شما چون طفل خفته آمدیت  ** بی‌خبر از راه وز منزل بدیت 
  • (He replied), “Did not ye come like a sleeping child? Ye were ignorant of the way and the destination.
  • از منازل خفته بگذشتید و مست  ** بی‌خبر از راه و از بالا و پست  1125
  • Ye passed through the (different) stages asleep and intoxicated, unconscious of the way and (its) ups and downs;
  • ما به بیداری روان گشتیم و خوش  ** از ورای پنج و شش تا پنج و شش 
  • (But) we (prophets) set out in wakefulness and well (aware) from beyond the five (senses) and the six (directions) to (this world of) the five and six,
  • دیده منزلها ز اصل و از اساس  ** چون قلاووز آن خبیر و ره‌شناس 
  • Having perceived (all) the stages from the source and foundation, possessed of experience and knowing the way like (skilled) guides.”