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  • که دلش می‌گفت کین را تو بشو  ** که درین جا هست حکمت تو بتو 
  • For his heart was telling him, “Do thou wash them, for herein is wisdom manifold.”
  • سبب رجوع کردن آن مهمان به خانه‌ی مصطفی علیه‌السلام در آن ساعت که مصطفی نهالین ملوث او را به دست خود می‌شست و خجل شدن او و جامه چاک کردن و نوحه‌ی او بر خود و بر سعادت خود 
  • The cause of the guest's return to the house of Mustafá, on whom be peace, at the hour when Mustafá was washing his befouled bed-rug with his own hand; and how he was overcome with shame and rent his garment and made lamentation for himself and for his plight.
  • کافرک را هیکلی بد یادگار  ** یاوه دید آن را و گشت او بی‌قرار 
  • The wretched infidel had an amulet (which he carried) as a keepsake. He observed that it was lost, and became distracted.
  • گفت آن حجره که شب جا داشتم  ** هیکل آنجا بی‌خبر بگذاشتم 
  • He said, “The room in which I lodged during the night—I (must have) left the amulet there unawares.”
  • گر چه شرمین بود شرمش حرص برد  ** حرص اژدرهاست نه چیزیست خرد  120
  • Though he was ashamed, greed took away his shame: greed is a dragon, it is no small thing.
  • از پی هیکل شتاب اندر دوید  ** در وثاق مصطفی و آن را بدید 
  • In quest of the amulet he ran hastily into the house of Mustafá and saw him,
  • کان یدالله آن حدث را هم به خود  ** خوش همی‌شوید که دورش چشم بد 
  • That Hand of God, cheerfully washing the filth by himself— far from him be the evil eye!
  • هیکلش از یاد رفت و شد پدید  ** اندرو شوری گریبان را درید 
  • The amulet vanished from his mind, and a great rapture arose in him: he tore his collar,
  • می‌زد او دو دست را بر رو و سر  ** کله را می‌کوفت بر دیوار و در 
  • Smiting his face and head with both hands, beating his pate against wall and door,
  • آنچنان که خون ز بینی و سرش  ** شد روان و رحم کرد آن مهترش  125
  • In such a wise that blood poured from his nose and head, and the Prince (Mohammed) took pity on him.
  • نعره‌ها زد خلق جمع آمد برو  ** گبر گویان ایهاالناس احذروا 
  • He uttered shrieks, the people gathered round him: the infidel was crying, “O people, beware!”