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  • هر که او عصیان کند شیطان شود  ** که حسود دولت نیکان شود  1180
  • Whoever disobeys (God) becomes a devil, for he becomes envious of the fortune of the righteous.
  • چونک در عهد خدا کردی وفا  ** از کرم عهدت نگه دارد خدا 
  • When you have acted loyally in (keeping) your covenant with God, God will graciously keep His covenant with you.
  • از وفای حق تو بسته دیده‌ای  ** اذکروا اذکرکم نشنیده‌ای 
  • You have shut your eyes to keeping faith with God, you have not hearkened to (the words) remember Me, I will remember you.
  • گوش نه اوفوا به عهدی گوش‌دار  ** تا که اوفی عهدکم آید ز یار 
  • Give ear, listen to (the words) keep My covenant, in order that (the words) I will keep your covenant may come from the Friend.
  • عهد و قرض ما چه باشد ای حزین  ** هم‌چو دانه‌ی خشک کشتن در زمین 
  • What is our covenant and loan, O sorrowful one? (It is) like sowing a dry seed in the earth.
  • نه زمین را زان فروغ و لمتری  ** نه خداوند زمین را توانگری  1185
  • From that (sowing) neither do glory and grandeur accrue to the earth, nor riches to the owner of the earth.
  • جز اشارت که ازین می‌بایدم  ** که تو دادی اصل این را از عدم 
  • (’Tis nothing) except an indication, as though to say, ‘I need this kind (of produce), the origin whereof Thou didst create from non-existence.
  • خوردم و دانه بیاوردم نشان  ** که ازین نعمت به سوی ما کشان 
  • I ate, and (now) I bring the seed as a token, begging Thee to send to us such bounty (as before).’
  • پس دعای خشک هل ای نیک‌بخت  ** که فشاند دانه می‌خواهد درخت 
  • Abandon, then, the dry (verbal) prayer, O fortunate one; for the tree demands (presupposes) the scattering of seed.
  • گر نداری دانه ایزد زان دعا  ** بخشدت نخلی که نعم ما سعی 
  • (But) if you have no seed, on account of that prayer God will bestow on you a palm-tree, saying, ‘How well did he labour!’